These affair stories show us how important choices are after cheating.

affair stories

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By Linda & Doug

Things get very complicated when someone cheats. After an affair is discovered, the unfaithful person can handle the situation in different ways. Let’s look at two typical affair stories that show really different reactions.

Ted and Sally are both fictional people who cheated before, yet they dealt with the aftermath in opposite – yet typical – ways.

Ted chose to be honest and change his behavior, which helped fix things with his partner. But Sally kept lying and hurting her partner, making things worse.

These affair stories show us how important choices are after cheating, and they can either help fix the relationship or make it even more broken.

Affair Story #1: When Sally Betrayed Harry

My name is Sally, and I’m here to share the painful and heartbreaking story of how I behaved when my affair was discovered by my husband, Harry. I can’t erase the mistakes and bad decisions I made, and I hope my story serves as a cautionary tale for others who may find themselves walking down the same destructive path.

When Harry confronted me about the affair, I felt a mixture of fear, guilt, and shame. I was trapped in a web of lies that I had spun, and I didn’t know how to extricate myself from it. So, like many cheaters do, I continued to lie and deceive.

As I looked into Harry’s eyes, I saw the hurt and confusion that I had caused. Instead of confessing the truth and facing the consequences, I chose the easy way out – I denied everything. I told Harry that the affair was over, that it had been a mistake, and that I had realized the gravity of my actions.

I watched as Harry’s face contorted with a mix of disbelief and pain. But I was too entrenched in my lies to turn back. I cried, I begged for his forgiveness, and I promised to make things right. All the while, I knew deep down that I hadn’t truly ended the affair. I was still secretly meeting the other person, still nurturing the connection I had formed outside of my marriage.

Days turned into weeks, and I continued to deceive Harry, all the while watching as he desperately tried to repair our relationship. The weight of my lies grew heavier with each passing day, and the guilt gnawed at me, threatening to consume me entirely.

But the truth has a way of coming to light, and it did. Harry discovered the continued deception, the fact that I hadn’t truly ended the affair, and our world shattered. The pain in his eyes, the betrayal in his voice – it was a stark reminder of the damage I had inflicted.

I had lost the man I loved because of my own selfishness and deceit. I had shattered his trust, broken his heart, and left a trail of destruction in my wake. My own desires blinded me to the consequences of my actions.

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Looking back, I wish I had been brave enough to face the truth from the start, to be honest about my mistakes, and to work towards rebuilding the trust I had destroyed. But I can’t change the past, and I can only hope that my story serves as a stark reminder of the devastating effects of infidelity and the importance of honesty, communication, and accountability in a relationship.

Sally’s Shattered Trust

It’s a tale as old as time. Sally, a woman seemingly content with her life, finds herself entangled in an affair that would shatter her husband’s (and her) world. When her husband, Harry, discovered the betrayal, the initial reactions were explosive. Fear, anger, and disbelief painted a grim picture of their once happy home.

Instead of remorse, Sally reacted defensively, a move that only deepened Harry’s wounds. She blamed Harry for her actions, claiming his lack of attention drove her into another man’s arms. Instead of taking responsibility, she pointed fingers, escalating the tension between them.

The consequences were severe. Friends and family distanced themselves, unwilling to endorse her choices. Harry, deeply hurt, found it hard to move past the betrayal. The love they once shared seemed like a distant memory, replaced by resentment and mistrust.

16 Justifications and Rationalizations for Cheating

Here are some common misguided justifications and rationalizations that individuals may use to justify their affair:

  1. Blaming the Relationship: “Our relationship wasn’t fulfilling my needs.”
  2. Emotional Disconnection: “We were emotionally distant, and I needed someone who understood me.”
  3. Seeking Excitement: “I was looking for excitement and adventure that was missing from my life.”
  4. Temporary Lapse: “It was a moment of weakness, and it didn’t mean anything.”
  5. Feeling Unappreciated: “I needed someone to appreciate me and make me feel valued.”
  6. External Factors: “I was going through a tough time, and the affair provided comfort.”
  7. Lack of Attention: “My partner wasn’t giving me enough attention or affection.”
  8. Validation: “The affair boosted my self-esteem and made me feel desirable.”
  9. Relationship Troubles: “We were already having problems, so the affair didn’t make things worse.”
  10. Claiming True Love: “I genuinely love both my partner and the affair partner.”
  11. Comparing Partners: “I felt more compatible with the affair partner than with my spouse.”
  12. Avoiding Responsibility: “I can’t control who I fall in love with.”
  13. Fantasy vs. Reality: “The affair partner makes me happier than my spouse ever did.”
  14. Not Feeling Guilty: “If my partner knew me better, they would understand.”
  15. Minimizing Impact: “It’s just physical, and it doesn’t affect my emotional connection with my partner.”
  16. Convincing Themselves: “I deserve to be happy, even if it means being with someone else.”
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Remember, these justifications are not excuses for infidelity.

Ted’s Affair Story

I’m Ted, and I want to share with you how I managed to turn things around after I messed up big time. Yeah, I cheated on my amazing wife, Alice – it still hurts to admit that. But you know what they say, mistakes can be our greatest teachers, right?

When Alice found out about the affair, it was like a punch to the gut. I could see the pain in her eyes, and I knew I had to do whatever it took to make things right. The first thing I did was cut ties with the other person immediately. I mean, it’s crazy how tangled up things can get, right? But I was determined to put our marriage back on track.

Communication became my lifeline. I sat down with Alice, laid all my cards on the table, and answered every question she had – no matter how tough. I knew trust was shattered, and the only way to rebuild it was through honesty. So I started sharing my whereabouts, who I was with, and shared my phone and email passwords with her. It was like giving her the keys to my world, but I knew I had to prove that I had nothing to hide.

Counseling was a game-changer for us. We decided to go for couples therapy, and it was eye-opening. Having a professional guide us through our emotions and help us understand the underlying issues was crucial. It wasn’t just about fixing what I did; it was about understanding why I did it in the first place.

Rebuilding trust became my mission. I took the initiative to plan dates and surprises – things that showed Alice I was invested in us. It wasn’t about grand gestures; it was the little things that counted. I became more attentive, listened actively, and made sure she knew how much she meant to me.

Patience was my new best friend. I understood that healing takes time, and I couldn’t rush it. Alice had her moments of doubt and anger, and I had to be there, steady and supportive, showing her that I was serious about making amends.



I also worked on myself. I went to individual therapy to unpack the baggage that led me down that dark path. It was important for Alice to see that I wasn’t just trying to save our marriage, but also becoming a better person for myself and for us.

But perhaps the most significant step I took was realizing that actions speak louder than words. I showed Alice my commitment by making sacrifices – like cutting out habits and routines that triggered bad memories. And I started surprising her with heartfelt letters and little acts of kindness that showed her I was all in.

It wasn’t an easy journey, let me tell you. There were times when I felt frustrated, times when Alice doubted me, and times when I doubted myself. But we persevered, and slowly but surely, things began to change.

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Today, our bond is stronger than ever. We’re a team, working through the pain, rebuilding the trust brick by brick. And you know what? I’m grateful for that second chance, because it taught me the true meaning of love, commitment, and the power of redemption.

Ted’s Road to Redemption

Like Sally, Ted was unfaithful to his wife, Alice. However, his story took a different turn. When Alice discovered his infidelity, Ted didn’t hide or deny it. Instead, he admitted his mistake openly, showing genuine remorse for his actions.

He didn’t just apologize; he took active steps to mend the broken relationship. Ted cut off contact with the other woman, went through couples therapy with Alice, and made efforts to regain her trust. He understood that rebuilding trust would require time and patience, and he was willing to invest both.

Despite his earnest attempts, Ted’s actions had consequences. Alice struggled with feelings of betrayal and uncertainty. But Ted’s consistent efforts and humble attitude slowly helped heal their relationship. It wasn’t easy, but their journey is a testament to the power of forgiveness and the possibility of redemption.

These two affair stories highlight the contrasting paths taken by Sally and Ted. While one chose denial and blame, the other opted for honesty and humility. Their stories highlight the fact that our responses to poor decisions can greatly affect the outcomes that follow.

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    4 replies to "Ted and Sally’s Affair Stories – Choosing Different Paths"

    • Devastated

      Hi my situation is a bit different. I discovered my husband of 20 years affair abut 9 weeks ago. It had been going on for 4 months prior. I had suspicions but he always told me it was in my head and that he would not do that. His AP is his Manager as the two of them work very closely. They had been having a sexual relationship during that four months but I think it is now more emotional, but I don’t know for sure. He is home at night and weekends with myself and the kids but he is adamant he is in love and needs to follow his feelings and is planning to leave the family (although he has no plan) to be with his AP who by the way is also married. I have a feeling she is using him to look good on this project and they have spun so many lies I don’t know what to believe. They talk on a secret app all the time although he has changed his passwords on his phone and they obviously work together every day. I have read so much on the affair fog and he is textbook. No one can reason with him, he is like he is a completely different person and I feel like I am absolutely losing my mind – I totally obsess over this whole thing and just can’t seem to get past it. I am trying to be positive and look after myself and my children but I can’t eat, sleep and have lost so much weight it is crazy. He is seeing a therapist, actually the whole family is in therapy as my children are older and we are all devastated as we never saw this coming. He says it wasn’t our marriage or me and that he still loves us all but he is not in love with me anymore but still thinks of me as his best friend. He said their was something missing in him or a purpose and doesn’t know what it is or how he got here. He is so conflicted he talks about our future then he says he is moving out and I seem to just go in circles. I am not ready to give up on our marriage but I don’t know what else to do.

      • Dan

        Devastated – So sorry to read about your situation. Many people on this site have gone through the same thing you are, and it’s incredibly difficult. Hang in there. I wrote a guest blog post a few months ago titled “6 Defining Moments that Made Reconciliation Possible”. Give it a read, maybe it will help on some small level. Wish I could offer more advice to make this easier.

        • Devastated

          Thanks Dan I will have a look. I have read so many others and all sound similar. Not an easy thing to navigate but doing the best I can for myself and children.

    • Rachel

      Devastated this is my story as well, but my ex was with an ex of his. They were in touch with each other through our 25 years of marriage. After he turned 50 he was leaving our family to be with her. They are soul mates, he wasn’t in love with me, and it’s all about him and his freedom. My boys told him you do this and things will be different. He didn’t care it was all about him. 💯 narcissist.
      It’s been 10;years and they still aren’t together. She never left her husband for him. It’s actually comical. I’m sure they still see each other after all she’s his soul mate.🙄
      They think the grass will be greener but it isn’t. Not one bit! He wanted to come back but thankfully I was smart enough to say no. He was never giving her up and I deserve better. Good luck to you. Deep breaths and be well.

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