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Another Neighborhood Marriage Bites the Dust

by Doug As I was getting the mail out of our mailbox recently, our next-door neighbor, Dave, pulls up onto his driveway, gets out of his car and saunters over to me.  As he approaches, he says, “I don’t know if you’ve heard…but Pat and I are getting a divorce and we’re selling our house.” […]

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EA or PA? The Labels We Assign to Affairs – Are They Really Important?

By “Rose” Lately I have been journaling a lot; suggested by my therapist, it really helps to get the emotions out. Sometimes I’ll write my spouse a nasty-gram but then don’t send it because the action of writing it helps me a lot. What I have been thinking about lately is the labels we assign […]

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Power of the mind

The Psychology of Affairs: The Games People Play and the Lies that Bind 

  A small peek into the psychology of affairs, what makes affairs tick and how people can get caught up in a very false and misleading psychology in order to continue an affair. By Sarah P. While we have talked a lot about the concept of the affair fog and the fact that it causes […]

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musings on infidelity

Musings on Infidelity: Affairs Are Not Original and Not Excusable

By Sarah P. The things that people say and do during affairs are so predictable that it is almost funny. Unfortunately, broken trust, destroyed lives, and broken families are no laughing matter. Still, there are patterns that all affairs follow; there are universal actions on the part of the wayward spouse; and there are the […]

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Coping with the Pain of Infidelity

Coping with the Pain of Infidelity

  We received an email the other day from a reader who writes the following:   I have been in contact with you during the last few months. Your site continues to be a great resource for me as I have come to terms with what happened in my marriage.   We are the couple […]

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an emotional affair

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard – How to Recognize An Emotional Affair: Suspicions, Signs, and Symptoms

What is an emotional affair? To boil it down to its essence, an emotional affair is a set of feelings for another person of the opposite sex that ends up blurring boundaries and supporting behaviors (based on those feelings) that are destructive to a marriage. These things put together can spell the beginning of the […]

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rotten kid

The Worst Third Grader Ever

Friday was the last day of school for me.  All in all it was a pretty good year.  I had really well behaved, intelligent students who enjoyed learning…For the most part.  The one sore spot for the whole year was this one boy, “Austin,” who quite honestly was probably the worst student I’ve ever had […]

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once a cheater always a cheater

Online Affairs – What They Are, How They Start and the Damage They Cause

One thing that we’re somewhat surprised about is the number of people who we communicate with whose spouse has had an online affair. No physical connection whatsoever. And when we say no physical connection, we mean that the affair relationship is carried out completely over the Internet. They almost never meet in person – though […]

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Impact of Sexual vs Emotional Infidelity

What would upset you more…sexual infidelity or emotional infidelity? The article below came across our desk earlier in the week and we wanted to get your opinion on this. Impact of Sexual vs. Emotional Infidelity In the largest study to date on infidelity, Chapman University has learned men and women are different when it comes […]

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top ten

Best of 2014: Our 10 Most Popular Articles of the Year

Well friends, we have reached the final stretch of another year. After publishing 140 articles over the past twelve months, we’d like to share the 10 most popular posts of the year. For us, it has been interesting to review our work – along with the work of some generous guest posters – and see […]

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