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Four Strikes and He Was Out: The Doctor of Psychology Who Did not Understand Monogamy or Psychology

By Sarah P. One of the new things we will be doing on the site is adding in some short articles with my regular articles, which can sometimes be 10,000 words each. Yowza. When I was in my teens and twenties, I traveled to many places and met many people. Over the course of my […]

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Oh No, It’s Mr. Bill: The Real Life Story of a Sex-Addicted, Narcissistic Man

By Sarah P. Even though this is a post on sex-addiction, this post contains a little bit of everything as well as many mini-stories and anecdotes. In this post, we will take an unflinching look at how sex-addiction plays out in real life. Some of the stories will be sad while others will (hopefully) provide […]

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Why Affair Sex Matters: An Unflinching Look at Sex and Its Harmful Affects

  This article will take an unflinching look at why extramarital sex is so harmful. By Sarah P. My articles generally favor reconciliation and center around reconciliation topics. This article is different because the topic I will address has nothing to do with reconciliation or divorce. This is not a happy article, but it is […]

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how porn addiction affects your marriage

Silent Infidelity: How Porn Addiction Affects Your Marriage

By Sarah P.  We all know that pornography has negative affects—but can pornography use be considered a form of infidelity? In this blog post, I will address the social impacts that are occurring due to the proliferation of pornography, the affects of pornography on the brain, how porn addiction affects your marriage, and whether or […]

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do open marriages work

Do Open Marriages Work?

By Sarah P.  Polyamorists claim open marriages are a good solution for the continued happiness of long-term happy marriages.  But do open marriages work? We have heard a lot from them recently—those people who practice polyamory. The movement, which was made popular in the 1970’s, is now rearing its ugly, leering head and wandering eyes […]

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The Change is Coming

There’s something that has been going on in our household that has created some distressing turn of events. We’re going through a rough patch where there is a noticeable lack of intimacy, there’s increased tension at times, sex is very infrequent and Linda is questioning herself in a variety of ways. Before you get all […]

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negotiated infidelity

Negotiated Infidelity – Is It A Viable Alternative For Married Couples?

Guest post by Sarah P. Last week, while reading an article, a term that I was not familiar with piqued my interest. The article referenced a relational model for pair-bonded couples that was termed negotiated infidelity. What is negotiated infidelity? Negotiated infidelity is a term that describes an arrangement between a couple where both people […]

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sexual intimacy after an affair

Sexual Intimacy After an Affair

Let’s talk about restoring sexual intimacy in a marriage after there’s been an affair. It’s quite obvious that an extramarital affair always has a huge impact on a couple’s sex life, and from what we’ve experienced and learned from others is that it can go in either one of two ways… The first way is […]

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sex after an affair

Discussion – Your Views on Sex After Infidelity

It’s been exactly 10 months since we have had a discussion on the blog about sex after infidelity. So this week we’re just going to replay a discussion from the past. We’d like to get your updated views (or new views) on this subject as it relates to your own situation. Dr. Robert Huizenga, author […]

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2013-07-16 17.00.09

10 Elements of a Successful Marriage (How We Survived Two Weeks of Vacation Together)

Well, we finally made it back home!  Our trip was wonderful to say the least. We had fun.  We relaxed. We hiked – a lot.  We were also faced with some challenges.  Basically, these past two weeks together was a microcosm of our entire relationship and marriage.  As a result, we thought we’d share some […]

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