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The Illusion and the Delusion of People Who Have Affairs

By Sarah P. They say that a picture (or even a drawn image) is worth a thousand words.  Here is an image I will let you contemplate… because this short cartoon panel is worth an entire book. Source: Well, what can I say… just those four panels perfectly capture the absolute delusion of people […]

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How to Make Your Spouse Cheat on You

By Sarah P. Please know this title is tongue-in-cheek because you cannot make your spouse cheat on you. The theme of this article is about how you made your spouse cheat—according to your spouse. Like my article last time, there will be lots of questions at the end. However, this is an important topic because […]

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Ashley-Madison now has more female subscribers than male subscribers.

Wife’s Worst Nightmare: Ashley-Madison Now Has More Female Subscribers than Male Subscribers

By Sarah P. This article is a warning of the things to come. I have no good answer for this situation, but regardless, all the betrayed spouses of the world need to be on guard because Ashley-Madison now has more female subscribers than male subscribers.   I will give some tips at the end of this article […]

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affair-proof a marriage

Affair-Proof a Marriage: Some Habits of Infidelity-Free Couples

By Sarah P. While I realize most of us have found ourselves on this site because of infidelity, infidelity does not need to define our future. After infidelity has occurred and if a couple has mutually decided to rebuild their marriage, they will be required to build a new marriage on a stronger foundation. If […]

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why do women cheat

Why Do Women Cheat? It Is Not For the Reasons You Might Think

While we know that both men and women cheat in equal numbers, it seems we do not hear much about female wayward spouses and why they had an affair. So why do women cheat? By Sarah P. Before diving into this blog post I wanted to preface it with the idea that all affairs are […]

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Will Your Partner Have an Affair Again

Will Your Partner Have an Affair Again? – The Million Dollar Question

A wayward spouse is solely in control of his or her actions and choices. He (or she) has to make the ultimate decision to cheat again or not to cheat again. By Sarah P. Stephen Covey, in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, remarks that a person’s past habits and behavior often […]

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what were you thinking

What Were You Thinking? Did You Think of Me?

“What were you thinking? Did you even consider the consequences? I just don’t understand how you did this without thinking at all of me and the kids!”  “Didn’t you even think of me?”  Those are just some of the questions that might be asked after a person’s world has been shattered by their spouse’s infidelity.  […]

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four horsemen - contempt

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Part 2: Contempt

By Sarah P. This blog post is the continuation of a four-part series on Dr. John Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the first blog post in this series, I discussed criticism, which was the first of the Four Horsemen. In this post, I will discuss contempt and the role it plays in destroying […]

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Part One: Criticism

  By Sarah P. To start off the New Year well, Doug, Linda, and I decided it was time to take a closer look at how to build more successful marriages. As of today, there is no better theory on how to have successful marriages than the theories of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. Often, […]

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male infidelity

You Have Come A Long Way, Baby! – Female Gender Roles as an Attempt to Curtail Male Infidelity

By Sarah P. If you have been through an affair, you have come a long way, baby. You know your story backwards and forwards and have become a wiser person. You have been able to piece together how you got there and how far you have come. (By the way, I do smoke and I […]

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