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Trying to Get Inside the Mind of the Other Woman – 5 Reasons the OW Does What She Does

  An affair survivor confides in some friends who are cheaters and gets inside the mind of the other woman. by ‘TryingToGetOver’ There are two people in this world who I told about my husband’s affair. And they are both cheaters themselves. Why would I tell them, of all people? Well…because I trusted that they […]

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How to Cheat on Your Spouse Without Feeling Guilty

By Sarah P. This title at first glance appears to both be click bait AND a way to instruct wayward spouses to cheat without guilt. However, appearances are not always as they seem. This article is about the mindset that a wayward spouse develops in order to carry on an affair. This article will discuss […]

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Ashley-Madison now has more female subscribers than male subscribers.

Wife’s Worst Nightmare: Ashley-Madison Now Has More Female Subscribers than Male Subscribers

By Sarah P. This article is a warning of the things to come. I have no good answer for this situation, but regardless, all the betrayed spouses of the world need to be on guard because Ashley-Madison now has more female subscribers than male subscribers.   I will give some tips at the end of this article […]

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but I'm telling the truth

But I’m Telling the Truth! – When the Betrayed Spouse Doesn’t Believe the Unfaithful Person Even When They are Telling the Truth

Sometimes when the wayward spouse says, “But I’m telling the truth,” they really are. But it can be hard for them to believed – for good reasons. By  Doug Having mentored quite a few well-meaning wayward spouses lately, I’ve noticed a common frustration that several of them mentioned… Their betrayed spouses (BS) not believing them […]

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Changing Places: When the Wayward Spouse Identifies as the Victim

It can be almost impossible to  reason with or repair your marriage when the wayward spouse identifies as the victim. By Sarah P. Any of us who have been betrayed spouses know that our wayward spouses do and say some of the most outrageous things we have ever heard or experienced. One of the most […]

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I Wish I Would Have Known That! – 7 Crucial Things Wayward Spouses Need to Know

We all make mistakes along our affair recovery journeys, but it sure seems as though the unfaithful spouse is the person making the lion’s share of them.  I made my share of them for sure, and I mentor with people all the time who communicate to me the mistakes they and their spouse have made […]

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When Recovering from an Affair

It’s Time for a Christmas Miracle: How to Have a Holiday Truce When Recovering from an Affair

By Sarah P. Despite all the messages that tell us to spread cheer or have a Holly-Jolly Christmas, the holidays can be a very difficult time for many people. Not all families are as happy as television commercials portray and not all Hanukkahs or Christmases inspire feelings of joy and togetherness. When recovering from an […]

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Why Don’t Cheaters Leave Their Spouses

Why Don’t Cheaters Leave Their Spouses for the Affair Partner?

  The stats are overwhelmingly high that married men and women who have affairs typically don’t leave their spouse for the affair partner. So why don’t cheaters leave their spouses? Most betrayed spouses want to believe that their unfaithful partner stayed because they realized that they had made a terrible mistake and remained in the […]

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Is It Possible to Recover from an Affair

Burning Questions: Is It Possible to Recover from an Affair in the Face of Unanswered Questions?

This article is about wayward spouses who actively withhold details and what happens when they do so. Is it possible to recover from an affair without knowing all the details? By Sarah P. Being married can be hard, being married can be extremely lonely for days or weeks on end, being married can be confusing. […]

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understanding why you had your affair

Understanding Why You Had Your Affair – The Simple 5-Step Process

One of the biggest challenges for a person trying to recover from their spouse’s affair is understanding why the affair happened in the first place.  Why did the unfaithful spouse make the decisions they did? What compounds this challenge even further is the fact that many (if not most) of the unfaithful persons don’t really […]

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