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Video: Building a Marital Affair Proof Marriage

Since we’re out wandering around the wilderness until later tonight, we thought we would re-post this video from about 2 years ago on affair-proofing your marriage.  We hope you can benefit from it. Many people believe that a marital affair can occur in part because one or both partner’s needs are not being met within […]

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How to Save Your Marriage

Doug asked me to write an article on how I “won” him back after his emotional affair.  First of all I want the readers to know that the phrase “win back” does not sit well with me. One reason being Doug is not my possession, he is not a thing and to say I won […]

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Survive the Affair

Find the Strength To Survive the Affair

I received an email from someone today that brought me back to a time where I was feeling lost, frustrated and didn’t know where to turn. I wanted to help this women and give her to some insight so she would have the strength to survive the affair and save her marriage. During the time […]

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Forget About the Affair Fantasy and Get the Playbook

As a betrayed spouse I am going to tell you right now our spouses will never again have a fantasy about us the way they did with the OP during their marital affair.  So stop trying to recreate and compete with the affair and the affair fantasy.  It won’t happen. We are living in the […]

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Ashley Madison a Marriage Preservation Tool?

Over the weekend, we were lounging around watching the NFL playoff games, as we are big football fans.  During one commercial break there was a spot that featured a man that was professing his distaste for Ashley Madison, which in case you were not aware, is a site much like Match.com or other dating sites, […]

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Debunking Some Marital Affair Fantasies

Being involved in a marital affair is surrounded by fantasy and illusion.  The most difficult part for me was that I was also drawn into the fantasy.   I romanced Doug’s emotional affair just as much as he did. By romancing the affair, I mean that I didn’t follow through on some of the most important […]

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A Marital Affair is an Oasis From the Mundane

When having a marital affair, all you have to give the other person (OP) is yourself.  To you, the cheating spouse, this is just fine since the OP does not expect you to make the money, do the household chores or take care of the kids.  When the only requirement of your affair partner is […]

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A Marital Affair Can Get Real Serious Real Fast

I have learned so much from the contributions of the cheating spouses on this site because they have provided insight about their feelings and actions during their marital affairs.  One aspect that has intrigued me was how serious an affair relationship can become in a relatively short period of time. One cheater claimed that after […]

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surviving an affair

Saving Your Marriage by Learning From the Past and Agreeing on the Future

Despite the devastation that a marital affair causes, our experience from writing this blog tells us that most betrayed spouses have the desire to save their marriage–and for that matter, so do the cheating spouses.  The affair however, becomes a very large painful bump in the road. Many have said that they continue to love […]

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Don’t let the Ho-Ho-Ho’s Ruin Your Holiday

Your marriage is important. It dominates your thoughts and emotions. When your marriage is in good shape, the holidays are a wonderful time. When your marriage is less than wonderful, the holidays can turn into a dreadful time. Instead of looking forward to time together, you worry and dread what time together may bring. Instead […]

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