Since we’re out wandering around the wilderness until later tonight, we thought we would re-post this video from about 2 years ago on affair-proofing your marriage.  We hope you can benefit from it.

Many people believe that a marital affair can occur in part because one or both partner’s needs are not being met within a relationship. This week’s video is with Dr. Bill & Joyce Harley. Dr. Harley is the author of “His Needs Her Needs-Building an Affair Proof Marriage” and in this video he, his wife and co-hosts discuss the primary needs of men and women and how they can be recognized and utilized to affair proof a marriage.

This video can be helpful for you in both prevention of affairs and repairing your relationship after an affair. There is also a helpful Emotional Needs Questionnaire download that you and your partner can complete so that you can better understand each other’s most important needs.

Please click on the picture below to view the video. Have a great weekend!

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    2 replies to "Video: Building a Marital Affair Proof Marriage"

    • Jennifer

      This video is incredible. I’m sending it to my husband. I think he’s already resigned to end the marriage, but I just can’t stop trying. I know what we were and I know what we can be together.

      It seems so silly that saving a marriage comes down to something so simple as meeting needs. If we listen and pay attention, these needs are so obvious. At the end he says, “Go into that world.” Even if it seems silly to you, it’s important to your spouse. Dr. Currie talks about recreational companionship being one of a man’s needs. Lately, I find myself needing to do that for my husband. One of my needs is to know that I am meeting his needs successfully.

      I hope that my husband will watch this and gain something from it. Even if we don’t sit down and have a “discussion” right away. I want to start loving him actively again. I want to enjoy the time we spend together instead of wondering what either of us will say next or what he’s thinking or… well, you know how crazy a mind can get in a situation like this. Thanks for posting this. It was definitely right on the money.

      • knb

        Hope you do get something postive from sharing the video. I have never been one to share my needs, but my husband and I have been making a real effort lately to talk about those things. You are right – it is crazy to me to think that if we’d always just shared our needs and made the time to address them, maybe we wouldn’t have had to live through the hell of this last year or so. It is not too late for us – I hope you find it is not too late for you either.

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