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jealous of divorce

Jealous of Divorce?

This is a guest post from Sara K. about her brief experience of feeling jealous of divorce. I just heard a couple from my small, suburban and gossipy neighborhood is divorcing. They have a 16-year-old daughter that is a friend of my son. There are also 3 other children involved. When I first heard the […]

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Staying in a Marriage for the Kids

Would You Stay with a Cheating Spouse for the Sake of Your Children?

Please note that this is a guest post by attorney Jessica Ressler.  When you caught your spouse cheating did you initially want to still stay with him or her? If the situation was grave, you may have thought, no way. You were ready to file the divorce papers and break the knot right away. However, […]

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children of divorce

The Children are the Victims When the Marriage Has to End

A real life account demonstrating how the children of divorce are often the real victims. by Mary C. My daughter and I were sitting on my bed talking. My divorce to her father had become final a few days prior. As we were talking, she looked down and noticed a ladybug on her hand. I […]

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the divorce is almost final

Life After Divorce – Falling into the Toilet is No Longer a Concern

by Mary C.   This post deals with facing the potential fears, uncertainties and concerns pertaining to the possibility of life after divorce – and that it might not be all that scary after all. After two people have been together for a period of time, their lives incorporate in a sense. You most likely slept […]

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When and Why to Consider Separation After an Affair

The other day someone in an email asked us about separation after an affair.  This person had recently discovered her husband’s affair and was considering separation and asked if it was a good idea to do so – and if so, when. There is no question that this is a very complicated issue and there […]

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save the marriage

Should You Save the Marriage or File for Divorce?

After a person discovers that their spouse has had an affair, one question that the betrayed eventually asks is whether or not they should end the marriage or stay and try to save the marriage.  In fact, this question can often linger in the mind of the betrayed for quite some time as they try […]

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Divorcing

Today we are happy to provide you with a guest post from Tina Greenbaum, LCSW Holistic Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach.    Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with Tina about her approach to helping individuals and couples who have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with infidelity or who simply want to […]

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A Stressful Weekend

This last weekend turned out to be a bit stressful for a couple of different reasons.  For starters, one of our computers, which contained the majority of our files, crashed due to a virus.  Shame on me for being lazy and not backing up on a regular basis.  As a result we lost a tremendous […]

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moving on after infidelity

Affair Recovery – Moving On After Infidelity

There are a lot of books about affair recovery, healing and moving on after infidelity, but they all seem to be written for couples who want to stay together after an affair. What if that’s not the case and you decide that you must end your relationship, and move on?  Or maybe you have already […]

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When Affair Partners Marry: 9 Reasons Why They Might Fail

What are the typical defects in the relationships when affair partners marry and why are they more likely to divorce? In the past we have written about some of our neighbors who have experienced infidelity in their lives, as well as my brother’s situation.  As a result of a neighborhood block party and some time […]

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