Running Emotional Affair Journey is not a full time job, though it’s getting closer and closer to that as time moves on.  When we’re not involved with our blog, we do visit other infidelity websites, just like we’re sure most of you all do.  We thought we would let you know some of our favorites.

Break Free From the Affair: Dr. Robert Huizenga offers a website packed with information centered around his book, “Break Free From the Affair” about how to survive affairs depending on which of the 7 types of affair has occurred.  This is required reading!

Cheaterstales’s Blog: Rea Frey offers a nonjudgmental space to figure out why, when and how cheating happens. She writes about how to catch a cheater, how to stop yourself from cheating before it starts, and what she’s learned from her yearlong escapade into the world of affairs.  Rea writes very eloquently based on her own experiences and observations.

Marriage Builders: Willard Harley, author of several books including “Surviving an Affair,” is behind this content laden site.  Dr. Harley touches on many facets of marriage with a concentration on infidelity.  He also offers live broadcasts and a discussion forum.

Secret Life of Jane: Jane is another individual who blogs about her experiences derived from her emotional affair with a co-worker.  Jane does a great job at expressing her feelings and emotions as she ended the affair.  As she states: “this blog is about dealing with the aftermath of the affair, sifting through my feelings and working on my marriage.”

Divorce Busting: Michelle Weiner-Davis is behind this great website that offers many tips and strategies for surviving an affair and saving your marriage.  She is the author of two of Linda’s most favorite books, The Divorce Remedy” and “Divorce Busting.” Her site also has an online community with various forums.

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Beyond Affairs: Ann and Brian Bercht are behind this site.  They have a book called “My Husband’s Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” which chronicles Brian’s affair and how they survived it and strengthened their marriage.  They offer support groups and seminars in various cities and countries around the world.

Survive Your Partners Affair: Our friend Jeff Murrah’s blog where he offers regular advice articles for people struggling with the effects of infidelity.  He has been gracious enough to offer helpful advice and comments on our site on a regular basis.  He is the author of “How to Cope With a Cheating Spouse.”

Surviving Infidelity: If forums are your bag, then this is a great site for you.  They offer many different forums and sub-forums pertaining to infidelity, whether you are the cheating spouse or the victim.

Psychology Today: Though not a site specifically geared toward infidelity (though the link will take you to that section), it has a ton of articles on the subject.  Great information from a psycho-speak perspective.  You can gain a lot of knowledge about why affairs happen, recovery, etc.  from this well respected site.  If you look at the top menu bar, you will also see a tab for “Blogs.”  On that page you will find countless blogs by experts in every possible area—including relationships.



    8 replies to "Nine of Our Favorite Infidelity Websites and Blogs"

    • Jane

      I am so honored to make your list. Thank you

      • Doug

        Jane, Your welcome. We really enjoy your heartfelt and honest posts.

    • Jeffrey Murrah

      Doug and Linda,

      I also am honored to be on your list with such greats as Willard Harley. It is good that there are so many resources out there to help the many couples facing the challenges of an affair.

      • Doug

        Jeff, we appreciate your contributions, and I’m sure everyone else does as well.

    • Kristine

      Jane’s url doesn’t work…

    • Jennifer

      May I add another? Very wise advice and compassion from someone who’s been there:

      • Doug

        Absolutely. Thanks!

    • Eli

      I agree with you. I wish I have done that a long time ago. I have been married for 15 years, but in April 2022 I found out that my husband who is 56 years old was having an affair with the new neighbor Amanda Gil 202 w 100 n in jerome id for one year. Can you imagine she is over 30 years younger that him. She doesn’t work and has a kid. They spent over 3200 text messages per month. What kind of good woman steps into my house on my bday and gives me flowers knowing that she is fucking my husband. We have a daughter and thanks to Amanda my daughters relations with her father is broken. I just hope and pray that my over neighbor don’t fall for her when she knocks their doors and pretent to be a nice neighbor.

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