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After an Emotional Affair

What Transparency Can (and Can’t) Do After an Emotional Affair

If you’ve been looking for and reading ways to rebuild trust after infidelity, you may have come upon the term: “transparency.” Our frequent advice to couples trying to repair the destruction wreaked by an affair is to create agreements to be transparent with one another. This is especially helpful for the one who cheated to […]

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affair survivors

6 Comment Gems from Affair Survivors

We truly believe that some of the best stuff on this site comes from you the readers. As of the very moment I type this sentence, there have been 22,105 comments made by you all. We thought it would be a good idea to pick out a few made by some affair survivors that we […]

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Marriage Crisis Management – The Ultimate Guide to Surviving the First Few Weeks After D-day

Last week I mentioned that it’s been five years since our D-day.  I think it’s safe to say that most of you are probably not quite that far along.  In fact, many of you just experienced your D-day.  This article is for you guys. I wish that I could tell you everything that you need […]

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Lunch With a Cheater

Today we have a great piece taken from a thread in the Higher Healing Forum that we’d like to share.  One of the blog’s active contributors recently had lunch with a friend who also happened to be a cheater.  She feels as though she gained some valuable insight from her lunch with a cheater.  You […]

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emotional affair journey survey

The Results from the Emotional Affair Journey Reader Survey

We wanted to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our most recent survey.  There are always some interesting takeaways (interpretations) when we do these things and this one didn’t disappoint. We’re not going to address every question, but will touch on the ones we thought you’d be most interested in. Even so, […]

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end the affair

Surviving Infidelity: The Paths of Healing You Will Take

We have another post today from Dr. Bob Huizenga that deals with the healing paths we take in surviving infidelity.  This is a great article for those of you who have recently discovered your spouse’s affair.  It is also good for the cheater to read so that they understand more of what the hurt spouse […]

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New Car and New Beginnings

Buying a new car is like a new beginning for us. Last week while at work I received a call from Doug informing me that he had been involved in somewhat of an accident. As he was turning into our subdivision, the front driver’s side wheel came completely off of our vehicle.  Obviously the car […]

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When Affairs Mess With Your Parenting

Note:  This is a guest post by Sara K. One of the biggest leftovers an affair leaves in its wake is a shaken trust. My husband and I have spent nearly 3 years putting back the pieces of our shattered lives, with a few vital changes along the way. This I expected. What I didn’t […]

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surviving infidelity

Surviving Infidelity – The Four Rules of Marriage

Hey everyone.  We just got back from our little getaway and didn’t have time to write a new post.  So…Here is another post that was originally run back in July of 2010.  We hope that it is beneficial for you. There are some of you who are further along in the recovery process than others.  […]

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after the affair

After the Affair – I Want More

Hey everybody!  Since it’s Linda and the girl’s spring break, we’re going to take a little time off and head to the mountains for a little R&R.  I’m sure we’ll be checking in periodically but we didn’t think we would feel much like posting anything new.  So…Here is a post that was originally run back […]

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