Happy Wednesday!

Our discussion this week centers around a question that was posed to Linda recently. This will be short and sweet.

Since this is the holiday season and is often said to be a time for miracles…When you go to sleep tonight and you knew that one miracle would occur by the time you woke up, what would you want that miracle to be after the affair?

Please respond to each other in the comment section.

Have a great day!

Doug & Linda

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    15 replies to "Discussion: What’s Your Miracle After the Affair?"

    • Jenn B

      This is a GREAT question! I would want to wake the feelings of excitement, warmth, absolute security, and love from my husband, and the knowledge that I made his dreams come true. Sounds wistfully romantic, but it would be my dream come true ; )

    • stupidandtrusting

      I would want to wake up to the miracle that this never happened. I could then return to blind trust and again believe in the comfort and sanctity of marriage.

    • Karen

      That I could fully understand and comprehend why my husband had a two-year EA. That would be a true miracle.

    • michael

      I’m a strong believer in life giving you what you need when you need it. This may sound harsh or hurtful but its me. I thought about this today and had a couple things to say.

      I wish this never happened-
      It did and maybe at a good time. We’re young, we’re resiliant, we’re still strong. Even with all we have done to each other, we still love each other. Who’s to say in a few years that wouldn’t have been the case.

      I wish that the things in my wife’s past had never happened to her. –
      We’ll they did. If they hadn’t happened wh’os to say if I would have ever met her. Or if we had, would we have connected as we did when we met. Would we have the wonderful children we have now.

      I wish the pain would have never happened-
      Pain fades. Pain is your body’s way of showing you there is something wrong. Pain tells you, “do this another way”. Pain fades as I’ve learned over this year. But lessons learned from that pain teach you things.

      If for nothing else I would hope for tomorrow to be a much better place for my children to live. A life without the hard lessons learned that I have had. I wish for my son to be a much better husband than I could ever be. I wish for my daughter to never have to experiance the painful life my wife had as a young girl.
      Because everything I need, I Have. Or will come to me when I need it.

    • christina

      To wake up knowing that my boyfriend had my back completely- no questions asked. If I needed him he would be there because of our relationship and his love for me, not because he felt obligated or couldn’t be honest with me!

    • Vanessa

      I wished the past year never happened.

      I wished my husband and I would have taken more time for us and our marriage instead of ignoring the problems we had.

      I wished I trusted my husband like I use to.

      I wish I could wake up each morning and not think or feel the pain this had caused me and family.

    • Lostinlove

      To wake up Christmas morning, years from now, with this so far in our past it doesn’t render any hurtful feelings. That we are so in love and have regained our trust..that our family is stronger and more secure…and that my children have learned by watching..that all things are possible with honesty and love….that’s my miracle wish…..and I pray God will deliver …

    • Teresa

      I wish that my husband and I had learned to truly communicate with each other from the beginning of our marriage. I believe the last 2 years of sadness and despair in my life – and the three women in his – would not have happened if we had truly listened to each other.

    • Darleen

      Truely If I had 1 miracle I could wish for it would be that my son Daniel who is autistic would progress and learn to speak and become at least self sufficient enough to be independent. I would accept with wide open arms all the pain of the affair back if it would help him.
      Since that’s not feasible and downright impossible I would ask that I find peace with myself after my husbands affair. I would also like us to heal.

    • Miriam

      I wish my husband would have not had the emotional affair and I could go back to being myself again…….I am tired.

    • stupidandtrusting

      Miriam – I know I said the same above but forgot to say I’m Tired, too!

      • Last2know

        I am experiencing my miracle. I am strong now. My marriage is good now and we communicate. I does not hurt like it did before and a lot less often too. My H is the man I have always wanted him to be, open, honest and trusting. And he tells me that he is lucky to have me, why he loves me and how sorry he is for hurting me. We laugh, we touch, we talk everyday. Wow, right now all I want is for GOD to keep us healthy and strong, and patient with our 16yr old son.

    • mil

      Last2know, I am soooooooooooooo pleased for you xx

    • Calis

      Well I just want to wake up and be a better Man truthful and stronger in person. This is what my wife deserves not the person who did this to her. Good luck to all

    • Recovered

      …that the OW disappears from my mind like she did from our lives.

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