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Forgiving Infidelity: A Nine Step Approach

During the last several weeks we have noticed through the various emails we receive and the comments to the blog that many of us are struggling with the thought of forgiving infidelity.  After all, a great injustice has occurred to us and we all hurt tremendously.    An all too familiar theme is presented over […]

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Why Do We Try to Save Our Marriage?

As I was reading the responses to last week’s open discussion on how some of you reacted when you found out about your spouse’s affair, was in some ways very comforting and in other ways it was upsetting to me. It was comforting in that I realized I was not alone. Everyone appeared to have […]

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Overcoming Emotional Infidelity Requires a Healing Identity

Steven Stosny, Ph.D  states that there are three clear points that are evident with people who have suffered  unimaginable emotional pain, such as emotional infidelity. The first is that human beings have an extraordinary capacity for healing all kinds of emotional wounds. The second truth is that the most important element in overcoming emotional pain […]

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After Infidelity: Renegotiate Your Relationship

While doing some research the other day, I came across some good advice from Hara Estroff Marano about how a couple can renegotiate their relationship after infidelity. She says that affairs are not about logic, “and recovering after infidelity doesn’t just happen with time; you and your spouse have to fully process the experience and […]

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Recovery from an Emotional Affair

If your marriage or relationship has fallen victim to an emotional affair, the first step in recovery from an emotional affair is honesty, according to psychologist Barry McCarthy. “It is secrecy that enables affairs to thrive. The cover-up, for most people, is worse than the actual infidelity,” he says. “So it’s only by putting everything […]

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Forgiving Infidelity

I recently was introduced to a book by Dave Carder called: “Torn Asunder: Recovering From an Extramarital Affair” and it brought to light some interesting points on recovering from infidelity for both the person who committed the infidelity and for the victim/spouse.  The book has a religious slant to it since Mr. Carder is a […]

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How to Rebuild the Trust After Infidelity

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and is just as important as love is.  So if you want to save your marriage and make it the tender loving relationship you have dreamed of all of your life, rebuilding the trust after infidelity is one of the most important steps you should take. Those of […]

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How Would You Accept Emotional Infidelity?

While surfing the web the other day, I came across the following article which discusses how a study suggests that women have a harder time accepting emotional infidelity, while men have a harder time with sexual infidelity. In our own circumstance, I can attest to the fact that on more than one occasion, Linda has […]

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