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Couple Trying to Survive an Affair, Part 2

Good Morning America has profiled a couple for the last 2 days who are trying to survive an affair by taking a look inside a therapy session with them together.  The husband met a woman online and ended up having an affair with her.  They do not say whether it was a physical affair or […]

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Discussion: What Will You Do to Make Them Stay?

Hello everyone! If your spouse says they no longer love you, and you feel more like enemies than friends, what chance is there for turning the relationship around and restoring the love? (Dr. Frank Gunzburg say’s the love may NOT really be dead.) Our discussion for this week centers on these questions…What if your spouse […]

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A Reader’s Struggle to Survive an Affair

Somebody sent us this letter via email over the weekend and we felt that it was pretty powerful stuff. It is from a woman who is apparently working hard to survive an affair – her own – as well as the backlash of emotions and painful feelings felt by her husband as a result. What […]

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After the Affair: The Relationship Contract

Doug had some minor surgery done yesterday, so I took the day off to be with him.  After we returned home, Doug decided to take a nap as he was feeling tired from the procedure.  While he was asleep I started to delve into “How to Survive an Affair” again, and decided to re-read the […]

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Surviving Infidelity: Getting Past the Anger

If your spouse cheated on you, it’s a natural urge for most people to explode (usually verbally, but in many cases physically), especially in the very early stages immediately after you find out about the affair.  This anger can be useful to the injured person, but there comes a time when expressing your angry feelings […]

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Cheating Spouses: Their Affair and Their Kids

We received an email from one of our blog readers who asked us to share a letter that her daughter wrote to her husband.  The letter shows the effects that an affair has on the children of those involved.  Cheating spouses don’t always realize (or don’t care) what their actions do to the psyche of […]

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Your Marital Affair: Should You Confess?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether a cheating spouse should confess their marital affair to his/her partner.  There are basically two schools of thought on this—Yes or No.  And to be honest, there are valid arguments that exist for both schools of thought.  We’re not going to come right out and […]

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Forgiving Infidelity – What Forgiveness Is and Is Not

Forgiving infidelity is a topic that comes across our desk quite often. It is a hard thing to do for those of us that have been harmed by an affair. I was listening to an audio recently of an interview with Leslie Karen Sann, who is a counselor, educator and coach about forgiveness, which I […]

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Video: Saying Your Sorry After an Affair

Good Saturday! This week we have posted about forgiving infidelity, and today’s video centers on the other side of the forgiving process, and that is saying you are sorry. The video does not deal specifically with apologizing after an affair, but discusses apologizing in general and why it’s important for the healing process. The guest […]

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Should You Forgive an Affair?

Yesterday our post dealt with how to forgive infidelity.  There were quite a few comments regarding this subject, and we would encourage if you haven’t already done so, to make a comment and throw your 2 cents in.  Some of you have forgiven and have chosen to move on.  Others said they will not forgive.  […]

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