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forgiving infidelity

Emotional Affair Recovery and Forgiving Infidelity

Someone asked me yesterday if I have forgiven the other person (Tanya), and whether or not I have forgiven Doug.  Being asked about forgiving infidelity, specifically about forgiving Tanya, made me sit back and think for a little bit.  I began to wonder if that was something I should do as part of my emotional […]

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after the emotional affair

Making Progress After the Emotional Affair

A month ago I was going through a rough time.  I was feeling very sad, felt helpless and didn’t know if I had the strength to continue to fight the feelings associated with the emotional affair.  I contributed my emotions to the two year anniversary of Doug telling me he didn’t love me anymore. I […]

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Couple Trying to Survive an Affair, Part 2

Good Morning America has profiled a couple for the last 2 days who are trying to survive an affair by taking a look inside a therapy session with them together.  The husband met a woman online and ended up having an affair with her.  They do not say whether it was a physical affair or […]

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Another Extramarital Affair Hits the Neighborhood

Friday night Doug and I went out for a few drinks and ran into a neighbor who informed us of yet another couple on our street that has decided to divorce.   The story sounded the same as all the others.  The husband had an extramarital affair with a co-worker two years ago and is having […]

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Discussion: What Are Your Greatest Struggles After the Affair?

Hello everyone! Getting over an affair is a struggle. It’s a struggle with respect to how you approach the wayward spouse, and it’s a struggle with respect to how you approach and manage your emotions. Our discussion for this week centers on your struggles…What are your greatest struggles at the moment with respect to the […]

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after the affair - tough love

After the Affair: Tough Love Brings Subtle Changes

I’ve been reading the book “Love Must be Tough” by James C. Dobson primarily because I’ve been noticing many comments where our readers are frustrated by the actions of their cheating spouse.  Not just with their actions of having an emotional affair or physical affair itself, but with their actions after the affair.  The denials, […]

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Linda’s Interview about Confrontation After the Emotional Affair

A couple of weeks ago Linda was involved in a webinar with Dr. Robert Huizenga, author of “Break Free From the Affair.” Linda was interviewed about her opinions on confronting the other person. In her case she chose not to confront Tanya, and in the interview she explains why. Right click the link for the […]

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emotional affair

The Emotional Affair Still Causes Pain

I have been struggling with a lot of emotions lately.  So many thoughts are going through my head and I am having difficulty sorting everything out.  I really don’t know where to turn and what to think.  I know that I have been really focusing so much on the emotional affair and on Tanya that […]

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Nine of Our Favorite Infidelity Websites and Blogs

Running Emotional Affair Journey is not a full time job, though it’s getting closer and closer to that as time moves on.  When we’re not involved with our blog, we do visit other infidelity websites, just like we’re sure most of you all do.  We thought we would let you know some of our favorites. […]

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backing off after the affair

7 Tips For Backing Off After the Affair

Dr. Robert Huizenga, in his book “Break Free From the Affair,” recommends victims  “back off”  from the cheating spouse after learning of an affair.    We received an email recently asking me to clarify more about what exactly I did when “backing off” after the affair.  I can attest to the fact that it isn’t […]

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