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Erasing the Fantasy After the Affair

After the recent revelations of several  couples we know who are suffering from infidelity, I began to think about if our marriage will ever be safe.  Will I ever feel secure that Tanya will never enter our lives again? Willard Harley’s book, “Surviving an Affair” paints a grim picture when he discusses contact after the […]

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Discussion: Should a Cheating Spouse Confess?

Happy Wednesday! Many of the recent comments have centered around the subject of confession. As we stated in a previous post on the subject, there are only two possibilities – confess, or don’t confess. However, there are arguments for both sides of the fence, and this week we’d like to hear some of your thoughts. […]

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Infidelity is an Epidemic

Infidelity is an Epidemic

It really seems that infidelity is an epidemic these days! We just received word about two more couples who are separating because of infidelity.  One of the couples we have known for the last 15 years.  Like many of the couples, they have three children, have been married for over 20 years and the husband […]

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Keeping Things Secret Within an Emotional Affair

The other night Doug and I had a conversation about his feelings during his emotional affair.  After the conversation I began to think about how he kept these feelings to himself, and wondered how he was able to keep such a secret. It seems to me that when someone falls in love they would want […]

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Discussion: Is Affair Love Unconditional?

Happy Wednesday! Linda has been reading several books on love lately. Yesterday we had a rather lengthy discussion about my emotional affair and whether or not I felt it was really love–that is, unconditional love. I would have to say that at the time I certainly thought it was love, but as the affair experience […]

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forgiving infidelity

Emotional Affair Recovery and Forgiving Infidelity

Someone asked me yesterday if I have forgiven the other person (Tanya), and whether or not I have forgiven Doug.  Being asked about forgiving infidelity, specifically about forgiving Tanya, made me sit back and think for a little bit.  I began to wonder if that was something I should do as part of my emotional […]

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after the emotional affair

Making Progress After the Emotional Affair

A month ago I was going through a rough time.  I was feeling very sad, felt helpless and didn’t know if I had the strength to continue to fight the feelings associated with the emotional affair.  I contributed my emotions to the two year anniversary of Doug telling me he didn’t love me anymore. I […]

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Couple Trying to Survive an Affair, Part 2

Good Morning America has profiled a couple for the last 2 days who are trying to survive an affair by taking a look inside a therapy session with them together.  The husband met a woman online and ended up having an affair with her.  They do not say whether it was a physical affair or […]

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Another Extramarital Affair Hits the Neighborhood

Friday night Doug and I went out for a few drinks and ran into a neighbor who informed us of yet another couple on our street that has decided to divorce.   The story sounded the same as all the others.  The husband had an extramarital affair with a co-worker two years ago and is having […]

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Discussion: What Are Your Greatest Struggles After the Affair?

Hello everyone! Getting over an affair is a struggle. It’s a struggle with respect to how you approach the wayward spouse, and it’s a struggle with respect to how you approach and manage your emotions. Our discussion for this week centers on your struggles…What are your greatest struggles at the moment with respect to the […]

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