2023 Emotional Affair Journey Reader Survey

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By Linda & Doug

Every so often  we like to take the pulse of the readers by conducting a reader survey.  Our last survey was back in 2021, so it’s certainly time again.

So…We’d appreciate it very much if you could help us out and take this confidential 14-question survey.  

We know, that seems like a lot of questions, but the vast majority require just one-click to answer. It should only take you about 4 minutes to complete.

Since your needs are constantly evolving – as well as readers coming and going to Emotional Affair Journey –  these surveys are very important as they help us to determine what is most important to you guys so that we can address your issues in future posts or with other resources. (Or point you in the direction of where we’ve already addressed these issues.)

The survey is below for you to complete.  Just scroll down a bit and you can start right here on this page.  Or, you can click here and go to a separate page to complete it.

Note:  If you’re on a smartphone, you may have to scroll/swipe down to complete the last few questions and to hit the “Submit” button.

We will report back to you the results in a week or so, or as soon as we get a substantial amount of responses. 

Stay tuned because there are always some interesting findings and/or tidbits that come out of these things.

Thank you so much.  We really appreciate your time!

Linda & Doug


Whenever you’re ready, here are 2 ways we can help you:

1. If you’re still looking for traction in your affair recovery experience, we’d recommend starting with an one of our affordable programs. Here are 2 options:

Survive and Thrive after Infidelity – A unique and complete resource that will guide you through the recovery and healing process starting at D-day. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools to not only survive the affair, but thrive! Get started now!

The Unfaithful Person’s Guide to Helping Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair: For the struggling unfaithful person, this program delves into the 24 ‘tasks’ that the cheater must complete for them to move from betrayer – to healer, while gaining a better understanding of their betrayed partner and what he/she is going through.  Become a healer.

2. Individual Mentoring – Whether you’re the betrayed or the betrayer, to talk to someone who has gone through what you’re going through and who can listen and empathize with you is an incredibly powerful and valuable thing. It’s not just sympathy – it’s empathy – and it’s irreplaceable. Reserve a session (limited spots available). 


    1 Response to "The 2023 Emotional Affair Journey Reader Survey"

    • Doug

      I knew I needed some help getting through the negative feelings sparked by a trigger event. I was amazed that I reverted right back to the D-Day period. I refuse to continue to live with all the hurt inside my mind and have made the decision to forge forward. I’m three weeks into this quest and have made some serious progress. My wife knew something was going on and asked what I was working on, I said I was broken inside and was working on finding my inner peace. Years later, finally got the disclosure I needed to forge forward on my path of forgiveness and eventually will move on to the healing phase of this nasty business.

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