Every year we like to take the pulse of the readers by conducting a reader survey.  Well, it’s that time again!

So…We’d appreciate it very much if you could help us out and take this confidential 17-question survey.

We know, that seems like a lot of questions, but the vast majority require just one-click to answer.

Since your needs are constantly evolving – as well as readers coming and going to Emotional Affair Journey –  these surveys are always very important as they help us to determine what is most important to you guys so that we can address your issues in future posts or with other resources. 

The survey is below for you to complete.  Just scroll down a bit and you can start right here on this page.  Or, you can click here and go to a separate page to complete it (we’re pretty sure you have to click the link if you’re on your phone).

Remember that there are 17 questions in all, so you will have to use the slider thingy on the right side of the box to scroll down to answer all the questions.  And make sure you press the “Done” button when you’re finished.

We will report back to you the results in a week or so, or as soon as we get a substantial amount of responses. 

Stay tuned because there are always some interesting findings and/or tidbits that come out of these things.

Thank you so much.  We really appreciate your time!

Linda & Doug






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    • Colin

      Excellent. The best. Thank you.

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