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emotional healing after infidelity

Emotional Healing After Infidelity – Becoming Whole with Mindfulness

One of our main goals for this site has always been to help guide people towards emotional healing after infidelity.  The other day, I was listening to an audio recording of a virtual conference on the subject between  host, Dr. Eric Maisel and Dr. Melanie Greenberg.  I wanted to share some of the concepts that […]

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recovering from an affair

Recovering from an Affair and My First Visit with a Therapist

Just over three years ago – and after a couple of years of trying to recover on my own -  I finally decided to go see a therapist.  This post revisits that experience. Not seeing a therapist individually soon after discovering the affair was one of my biggest mistakes. So I highly recommend that you […]

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coming out of the affair closet

Personal Stories – Coming Out of the Affair Closet

We all have to take into consideration that after finding out that our spouses have betrayed us, our story has changed. Last week, one of our readers and Higher Healing member, Peggy, wrote a fabulous post in the Motivation and Inspiration forum, in part suggesting to come out of the affair closet to rewrite your […]

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making progress after the emotional affair

Feeling Better After an Emotional Affair

It’s always interesting to go back and read posts from the past – especially from the early days – as it truly proves just how far we’ve come over that period of time. This post is from November 5, 2010 and it’s titled, “Making Progress After the Emotional Affair.”  Linda shares some things that helped […]

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personal recovery and growth

What Do Green and Blue Have to do With Affair Recovery?

Our new site colors represent two of the primary elements for affair recovery.  Read further to understand what they are and how to accomplish them. If you’ve been a member or reader for very long, you’ve surely noticed that we just recently changed the design of our site.  It’s still a work in progress in […]

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healing after an affair

Are You Playing the Game that Squashes Healing After an Affair?

It takes time to recover and move back together again, intimately and emotionally, after infidelity – but it CAN be done. Every time your partner opens up to you about something difficult, healing happens. Every time one of you reaches out to the other and you re-connect in some way, healing happens. This path to […]

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recovering from an affair

There is No Quick Fix to Healing and Recovering from an Affair

A couple of weeks ago our 5-year “anti-versary” (as Doug likes to call it) of D-day came and went.  It was a good day. It was a day that was no different than the previous day.  It was a good day because nothing happened.  No triggers.  No emotional thoughts.  No need to talk about the […]

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Viewing Yourself Through Rose Colored Glasses

Viewing Yourself Through Rose Colored Glasses

Today we have a guest post from one of our blog members, Nicole Boothe.  Nicole is the author of the forthcoming book “Love is an Ability not an Emotion : How to be happy and married NOW!”  Rose Colored Glasses by Nicole Boothe I remember many years ago hearing a speaker say in order to […]

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ptsd after infidelity

Is There a Time Limit for PTSD After Infidelity?

A couple of years ago we received an email from a reader with an account of her situation dealing with PTSD after infidelity.  We had wanted to post her email back then but she felt that she wasn’t ready yet for us to do so.  Last week she wrote us again and decided it was […]

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How to Talk Truthfully with Your Partner After Your Affair

In our recent book, Healing from an Affair – A cheater’s guide to helping your spouse heal from your affair, we establish 27 tasks that a cheater must be willing to do in order to heal.  One of the top tasks was to talk about the affair, your feelings and your relationship issues.  Unfortunately, most […]

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