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Discussion: What Stands in the Way of Restoring Trust After the Affair

Hello Everyone! It’s time for our weekly discussion. Here goes… It’s hard to argue with the notion that trust is the backbone of any good relationship. Trust can be easily broken and extremely difficult to rebuild. After the affair there can be many obstacles that prohibit you from being able to rebuild the trust in […]

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Discussion: What Does Your Spouse Need to do After the Affair?

Hello everyone! After the affair, many of us are looking for answers. “Why did this happen?” What could I have done so that it wouldn’t have happened?” “What is the other person like?” The list goes on and on. We are also looking for something from the cheating spouse. A true apology, to show remorse, […]

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Discussion: Do You Feel Responsible for the Affair?

Hello everyone! We get a fairly large volume of comments and emails from mostly victims of marital affairs. One particular email recently struck a nerve with us. The email was from a woman who basically blamed herself entirely for her husband’s affair. The email was full of phrases such as, “I should have done…” “If […]

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Discussion: After the Affair Is it Harder to Rebuild Trust or Respect?

Hello everyone! The betrayal that has occurred by your spouse with his/her marital affair tears apart any trust or respect that you once had. Both can be rebuilt, but to do so is tough. In my opinion both must be regained in order to get past the affair and save your marriage. With this in […]

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Discussion: The Biggest Impact of the Affair

Hello everyone! A marital affair can have a myriad of lasting effects on all parties involved. The betrayed spouse is hurt in so many ways, but the affair can also have lasting effects on the cheating spouse as well as the affair partner. Not to mention the families of all of the above. This weeks […]

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Discussion: How Do You Handle the Anger After the Affair?

Good Wednesday! Our focus this week is primarily on gaining control and handling anger after the affair. I know that when I found out about Doug’s emotional affair, I did not get angry–at least outwardly. I wish that I would have though, as I think it would have served as a way to flush my […]

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Open Discussion: Your Self-Esteem After the Affair

Good Wednesday! A marital affair is devastating on a marriage, but even more so to the victim. Devastating to them both physically and mentally. I know that my self-esteem took a huge hit after the affair. I’ve been able to regain much of it, mainly by reading books and educating myself about affairs and what […]

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Open Discussion: What if the Shoe Were on the Other Foot?

Happy Hump Day! As betrayed spouses, we have heard every excuse, lie and rationalization in the book from our cheating spouses about their marital affairs. They tell us they want to move on. They say that they don’t want to talk about it. They say they can’t give the OP up. The list goes on […]

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Open Discussion: Are You Ready to Accept the Affair and Move On?

Good Wednesday to all! Many people find that the path to acceptance of their spouse’s marital affair is easier to take than the path of forgiveness. After being hurt so badly by an affair, forgiveness for many is not a possibility now–or ever. We believe acceptance can be a very effective means to move on […]

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Open Discussion: What Are You Learning About You?

Good Wednesday to all! Nobody ever plans on being a victim of a marital affair, or for that matter having an affair. But it happens, and it is a terribly painful experience for those involved. Life is filled with times of transitions, times of change, times of trauma, times of death, times of crisis of […]

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