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recovering from an affair

Recovering from an Affair and My First Visit with a Therapist

Just over three years ago – and after a couple of years of trying to recover on my own –  I finally decided to go see a therapist.  This post revisits that experience. Not seeing a therapist individually soon after discovering the affair was one of my biggest mistakes. So I highly recommend that you […]

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Change in Our Relationship Started With a Conversation

In this post from December of 2010, Linda discusses  how things in our relationship turned around after a period when our marriage was not very good.  During this period we both played the blame game, believing the other person was responsible for our discontent. We never really openly discussed our unhappiness, as we masked it […]

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after his emotional affair

Why I Decided Not to Kick Doug to the Curb After His Emotional Affair

The other day one of our readers emailed us the article 10 Reasons Not to Take Back a Cheating Husband by Kiri Blakeley.  I realize that the thought of potentially kicking the cheating spouse to the curb is in the minds of many of our readers, so I thought I’d post a comment I made […]

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Christmas tree

Post Rerun: Christmas Survival Tips After Infidelity

The holiday season is always such a crazy time for us, so this week we’re going to run some older posts that many of you may have never had the opportunity to read.  In fact, we’re thinking about making this a regular Monday feature.  This post from last year called, “Christmas Survival Tips After Infidelity” […]

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heal the relationship

Reader Attempting to Heal the Relationship Alone

Here is an email exchange between myself and a reader who is trying to heal the relationship by himself.  We thought it might provide you with some beneficial information.  Please feel free to add your own thoughts or advice in the comment section below the post. A Reader Writes: Wondered if you can help me? […]

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junk yard

New Car and New Beginnings

Buying a new car is like a new beginning for us. Last week while at work I received a call from Doug informing me that he had been involved in somewhat of an accident. As he was turning into our subdivision, the front driver’s side wheel came completely off of our vehicle.  Obviously the car […]

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after infidelity

Christmas Survival Tips After Infidelity

It’s the day before Christmas and in the U.S. it’s probably one of the biggest days of the year as holidays go. People are doing their last minute shopping (Doug included) before all the stores close down until Wednesday.  All other commercial activity will soon stop except for a few restaurants and bars.  People are […]

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My Journey to Healing and Rebuilding Our Marriage

When we began this journey three years ago I was not prepared for the pain and work that would be involved to save our marriage.  I foolishly believed that once Doug ended his emotional affair everything would be fine.  We would continue on with our marriage and our life together and live happily ever after. […]

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after the affair

After the Affair – Control the Affect of the Cheater’s Choices

If you’ve been trying to heal after the affair for any length of time, you have probably said to yourself something along the lines of: “Boy, if I would have known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes in the past.”  I look back at all the things I did […]

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emotional affair recovery

Emotional Affair Recovery – Learning From the Holiday Triggers

We hope that everyone has had a nice holiday season.  I realize that the holidays can be a difficult time for emotional affair recovery. The affair triggers and the thoughts can be overwhelming. The holiday season is a difficult time for me because Doug and I were deeply immersed in the affair process at this […]

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