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Why Don’t Cheaters Leave Their Spouses

Why Don’t Cheaters Leave Their Spouses for the Affair Partner?

  The stats are overwhelmingly high that married men and women who have affairs typically don’t leave their spouse for the affair partner. So why don’t cheaters leave their spouses? Most betrayed spouses want to believe that their unfaithful partner stayed because they realized that they had made a terrible mistake and remained in the […]

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You Decide

You Decide: Ron and Maria – Living in Affair Limbo

This is the latest installment of our ‘You Decide’ series where you will provide your opinion on a fictional affair scenario. In this particular scenario, we tell the story of Ron and Maria and their all-to-common tale of being in affair limbo. Ron and Maria have been married for 25 years.  Their marriage has always […]

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false reconciliation

False Reconciliation – Perhaps More Devastating than D-day

There’s a devastating situation that we run into quite frequently when talking with other couples. In fact, some consider it even more devastating than the initial affair discovery. OK, here’s the scenario (based on a true case story, btw)…You’ve discovered the affair and your spouse almost immediately breaks down and begs for forgiveness and promises […]

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couples counseling

4 Reasons Why Couples Counseling is Not a Good Idea if the Affair Has Not Ended

There is a question that comes up often from betrayed spouses after discovering an affair and that is, “Should I go to therapy with my partner if he (she) hasn’t ended his (her) affair yet?” In our opinion, the short answer is no. There are many different aspects of what makes for good therapy and […]

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end the affair

Discussion – How Can You Get the Cheater to End the Affair – or Can You?

One of the toughest obstacles that couples face after infidelity is when the cheating spouse refuses (for whatever reason) to end the affair. Naturally this has to happen for there to be any chance at saving the marriage and recovering from the affair. Statistics from Google on search terms verify that several thousand searches are […]

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end the affair

Reader Struggles With Why Husband Chose to End the Affair

The other day I received an email from one of our mentoring clients who asked some questions about some of her feelings and thoughts related to why her husband chose to end the affair and stay in the marriage.  I believe many of you are either experiencing  these sort of thoughts now, or at least […]

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get out

What Stops You From Leaving (Or Kicking the Cheater Out)?

The other night Linda was discussing a mentoring client that is having a really rough time.  It seems his wife just can’t – or won’t – end the affair.  She is being downright hateful, spiteful and mean to him.  Yet he hangs on. His wife blatantly carries on with her affair with no remorse or […]

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The Mind of a Cheater – Ambivalence, Approach and Avoidance

I’ve had a couple of mentoring clients lately who are going through a period where their cheating spouse won’t make up their mind to end the affair and come back to the marriage.  This feeling of being in “limbo” is probably one of the most frustrating and agonizing period after an affair that there is.  […]

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how to stop an affair

How to Stop an Affair by Exposing It

There are a ton of articles circulating around the net about how to stop an affair.  I obviously can’t say that my research has led me to read all of them, but I feel that I found a very powerful tactic that might be something to consider for those of you who are facing this issue.  […]

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rebuild trust after an affair

Things a Cheating Spouse Can do To Rebuild Trust After an Affair

It’s pretty evident that one of the biggest struggles that our readers are experiencing is rebuilding trust after an affair.  If I were to summarize what a betrayed spouse needs for trust to be restored, I would have to say that there are basically three things in general: They have to find a way to […]

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