This video of a cheating spouse getting her beloved convertible filled with horse manure was forwarded to us the other day, and I must say that we had a nice chuckle watching it. However, one thing that we discussed after viewing it was the issue of taking revenge after discovering your spouse had an affair. Luckily for me, Linda didn’t exact any revenge, but I’m sure it happens everyday. Whether it’s dumping horse crap in your spouse’s car, having a “revenge affair” or exacting revenge in any other form, we’d like to hear your comments on what you thing about the subject. We’d also be curious to hear if any of you did indeed perform some sort of revenge act against your cheating spouse.

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    • Chris

      My wife found her old boyfriend on facebook so I did the same. Talked a couple of times with her. Suggested we meet for coffee and than kicked myself in the ass and deleted the facebook account. What a stupid thing I was thinking. She is single again and I would have had a great time but my wife means more to me than that.

    • StillMrs

      My revenge was telling her fiance. If she didn’t care about me or my children, why should I care if her world came apart. I followed the man & when he stopped at the bank I told him. He believed me right away, because he knew something was up too. He & I have become friends (with all appropriate boundaries). My husband was jealous of him, but instead of using my friend in this manner, I reassure my husband all the time. I made it clear he has been a good friend to me & to our marriage, & even to him, giving me the man’s perspective. And stopping me a couple times from taking a 2X4 to my husband’s head when things were really crazy. I have set my friend up with my age appropriate younger friends. I made it clear to my friend that the day he & I had to hide our friendship, we could no longer be friends. I make it clear to my husband that I won’t give up the friendship because I’m not certain he won’t leave me again, But that my he (my husband) & my marriage come first. Always!! So my revenge has paid off. A good man got rid of a lying woman who had no intention of marrying him or starting the family he so longs for. She lost my H’s friendship because rime & familiarity shine a bright light on who a person really is. She missed out on being my friend (& I’ve discovered I’m a rather good person to have as a friend). We live in a small town & even though it was “only” an EA, according to the rumor mill, it was more. So she’s got the “homewrecker” label for life, my husband’s reputation is tarnished, but will survive because as someone said, “if I stayed with him & forgave him, there must be something worthwhile in him.” Not sure if that is fair, & I know the double standard isn’t fair to her. They were both responsible. But while I won’t do anything to hurt her, I’m not losing any sleep over the fact that she’s paying a high price for her “friendship,” & has nothing to show for it.

    • Don

      My revenge was telling his wife. My wife was saying they were just friend and i was overreacting. Nothing was happening. I recorded there last meeting and after listening to it, there was no question what was going on. I sent a letter to his wife with a thumb-drive, with the recording. His marriage is now, where mine is. In the toilet.

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