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boundaries after the affair

Boundaries After the Affair – How to Use Physical, Geographical, and Emotional Boundaries to Move Forward

  by Sarah P. After you find out about your husband’s or wife’s affair, the very first thing that you must realize is that nothing will be normal again. Your task is to create a new normal as a couple and that normal includes a marriage that will ultimately be better than before. But that […]

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franconia ridge trail

Mount Infidelity – The Toughest Climb You’ll Ever Do

I realize that it’s very cliché to compare the struggles that go along with affair recovery to climbing a mountain, but after our experience on our vacation we discovered that the comparison to be even more appropriate. While in the White Mountains in New Hampshire we set off on a day-hike called the Franconia Ridge Loop […]

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Joyce Smith MA, MFT

Our Interview with Joyce Smith, MA, MFT (Audio Discussion)

We recently had the pleasure on speaking with Joyce Smith, MA, MFT via telephone about a variety of infidelity recovery issues.  Naturally, we recorded the conversation so that you all could listen. In case you don’t remember, Joyce was kind enough to write a 3-part series of articles on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (see bottom […]

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Infidelity Recovery – Consequences of Punishing the Cheater

Today we have another guest article for you.  This one is from Dr. Jim Hutt, Ph.D., MFT and deals with how punishing the cheater can possibly stall infidelity recovery. Dr. Hutt is a therapist in the San Francisco area and specializes in couples therapy, marriage counseling, individual counseling and parenting.  His website is http://www.counselorlink.com/. Though […]

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Infidelity Recovery and the Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

I can’t remember who it was or if it was in the forum or in a comment, but a reader mentioned the “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters,” and naturally I had to check it out.  When you read this very brief poem, I think that you might be able to relate to the metaphor of […]

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Marriage Makeover: Stop Working on the Relationship

Recently we were asked to review “Infidelity Recovery:  Marriage Makeover” by Dr. Robert Huizenga, and in the introductory section there was a story about a couple that he was counseling  and they were having a terrible time after the husband had an affair.  The couple had resigned themselves to “work on the relationship,” but for […]

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