Open Discussion: How Did You Handle the Affair?

This week’s question for our group discussion is an interesting one: How did you handle the affair when you found out, and what could you have done differently, if anything? What were your reactions both physically and emotionally? How did/do you cope? Or… If you were the one in the affair, how did your spouse […]

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After the Affair: Giving Linda What She Deserves

Yesterday Linda wrote about how people act differently while they are in affairs and expressed her desire for me to consistently give her what she thinks I gave to Tanya. She was partially correct in that a couple engaged in an affair certainly put forth their best efforts when around the other person.  That was […]

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After an Emotional Affair: Are You Acting the Same?

I think often about whether or Doug is putting the same effort and emotions into our relationship as he did with his emotional affair.  Though I don’t think the word “effort” is appropriate when it comes to an affair.  In fact, I believe that was part of the appeal.  Everything was effortless.  I’m sure it […]

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What NOT to Do to Save Your Marriage

Well, it’s video Saturday and we’ve found a good video from Lee H. Baucom, PhD.  In the video he says that often when we’re faced with problems in our marriage we think of all the things that we have to do to save our marriage.  But what about the things that we should NOT do?  […]

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Marital Affair Fears and How to Overcome Them

In Something New! Open Discussion: Talk Amongst Yourselves, we asked you guys to spill your guts about what your biggest fears were, and you totally came through. Not everyone would be willing to say what they’re afraid of about marital affairs. But enough of you were brave enough to give us 6 different fears. We […]

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Emotional Affairs – Rekindled Past Flames

One of the common threads we have noticed from comments to this blog as well as from the emails we receive, is that many of the emotional affairs that exist are being carried out with old boyfriends or girlfriends – many times from decades ago.  We thought that was kind of interesting and decided to […]

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Something new! Open Discussion: Talk Amongst Yourselves

Gonna try something new here at the Emotional Affair Journey. Every Wednesday we’re going to toss a topic out for you and we’ll discuss it in the comments. Now that we have these nifty commenting systems that allow for replies and even cross-posting to Twitter and Facebook, this will be really cool. Plus, it will […]

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Rose Colored glasses

Emotional Affairs: Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

In Doug’s post from the other day, he made the comment, “I found it hard to believe at the time that she could change her feelings and actions on a dime like that.”  I understand that he was skeptical, however if Doug would not have been involved in an emotional affair, I believe he would […]

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Save Your Marriage: Will Your Spouse Cheat Again?

So your spouse has had an affair, and you are now contemplating whether you should throw him/her out or work to save your marriage.  One question that most people in this position will be asking themselves is if the cheating spouse is going to cheat again? Should you trust again or not? You may feel […]

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Coping With Infidelity: Q&A with Michele Weiner-Davis

It’s Saturday and we have another good video for you today. Linda really likes the work of Michele Weiner-Davis. She especially enjoyed the book “The Divorce Remedy” (found in The Library). Weiner-Davis’ advice for those coping with infidelity is practical, reasonable and very much pro-marriage. In this video she answers a question from a person […]

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