My ‘Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’ List

When you are faced with a spouse involved in an emotional affair there is really no textbook way to navigate through the pain and emotions that exist as you try to save your marriage. Most advice out there is very good, and as you have come to learn, most affairs follow the same patterns and […]

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Recent Changes To The Site

As many of you regular readers may have noticed, there is a slightly different look to the blog since Thursday. This site is a bit of a work in progress, so there should be many more changes as time goes on. We’d like to thank everybody who has visited our site and especially those of […]

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Random Thoughts on Emotional Affairs

This post will be a bit random, as a few thoughts went through my brain last night that I wanted to share.  For instance, one of the difficult aspects of being a victim of an emotional affair is that you tend to see things much more clearly than those who are involved in the affair. […]

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heal a marriage

How a Person Involved in an Emotional Affair Can Heal

Much has been written about how the betrayed spouse should handle the aftermath of an emotional affair, but little has been said of how the person having an affair should heal and move on. Whether you want to believe it or not, the persons having the affair go through a grieving stage once the affair […]

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Don’t Lose Your Self Concept

A couple of years ago when Doug and I really started to experience problems in our marriage, not only did we become distant but we also began treating each other with disrespect.  I know that I was not too supportive or encouraging and neither was Doug.  Additionally, there were times when I would want to […]

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How to Rebuild the Trust After Infidelity

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and is just as important as love is.  So if you want to save your marriage and make it the tender loving relationship you have dreamed of all of your life, rebuilding the trust after infidelity is one of the most important steps you should take. Those of […]

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Video: How to Get Revenge…

Linda and I were online last night looking at some forums that we like to participate in, and saw several videos having marital affair themes. Now there is nobody who knows more than us how serious a subject this is, but this particular video absolutely made both of us laugh out loud. Sometimes, we all […]

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Emotional Affairs Suck!

Last week Doug and I celebrated the milestone of being together for 30 years.  Throughout those years we have experienced so much happiness, accomplishments, rewards, as well as hardships, disappointments and challenges. The thought of us being together for that long is also a constant reminder that we are getting old, our kids are getting […]

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How To Connect Emotionally With Your Husband

Yesterday I posted a video and a brief comment that mentioned the importance of connecting on an emotional level with your spouse.  Today I will talk about some ways to do this with a husband, and then in a subsequent post I will discuss how to meet the emotional needs of a wife. I’ve mentioned […]

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Causes of Marital Infidelity

I have another short video hot off the press to show you today. I found that the statistics that expert, Whitney Casey, noted were quite interesting: 48% of men cheated because they were not feeling emotionally connected to their spouses. 66% of those men who cheated never thought that they would have cheated, and are […]

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