Coping With Infidelity: Q&A with Michele Weiner-Davis

It’s Saturday and we have another good video for you today. Linda really likes the work of Michele Weiner-Davis. She especially enjoyed the book “The Divorce Remedy” (found in The Library). Weiner-Davis’ advice for those coping with infidelity is practical, reasonable and very much pro-marriage. In this video she answers a question from a person […]

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How to Survive an Affair: Review

As we have mentioned previously on this blog, Dr. Frank Gunzburg and his book “How to Survive an Affair” has proved to be a very valuable resource.  What we have enjoyed most about this book, is that it’s actually more than a book—it’s a system.  Systems are easier to follow and adhere to than most […]

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After the Affair: Doug’s Resentment

We received several emails from readers wanting my point of view on Linda’s post from yesterday. Though none of the emails were specific on what they wanted me to comment on, I thought I’d share my feelings regarding the resentment issues.  Linda’s post was the result of a rather lengthy, emotional discussion we had the […]

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After the Affair: Resentment Lingers

Recovering from marital problems is a very difficult process, and when a couple adds emotional infidelity into the mix, repairing the relationship after the affair requires much more time, patience and work. If Doug would have told me that he was not happy in our marriage and that he wasn’t sure he was in love […]

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Surviving an Affair: A Two Step Approach

One of the authors that I have followed is Willard E. Harley Jr. Ph.D., author of several different books including “His Needs Her Needs” (which you can find in “The Library” on our blog).  He has a fairly straight forward 2-step approach to surviving an affair.  Step 1: Never have contact with the affair partner […]

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Overcoming Emotional Infidelity Requires a Healing Identity

Steven Stosny, Ph.D  states that there are three clear points that are evident with people who have suffered  unimaginable emotional pain, such as emotional infidelity. The first is that human beings have an extraordinary capacity for healing all kinds of emotional wounds. The second truth is that the most important element in overcoming emotional pain […]

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Cheating Spouse Gets Dumped On

This video of a cheating spouse getting her beloved convertible filled with horse manure was forwarded to us the other day, and I must say that we had a nice chuckle watching it. However, one thing that we discussed after viewing it was the issue of taking revenge after discovering your spouse had an affair. […]

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Marital Infidelity – an Addiction

I was in my car the other day listening to talk radio and there was a marital infidelity counselor on who was taking calls from listeners.  One of the callers was in an affair with a woman in his city and he was having a hard time ending it.  In fact, he said that he […]

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After Infidelity: Renegotiate Your Relationship

While doing some research the other day, I came across some good advice from Hara Estroff Marano about how a couple can renegotiate their relationship after infidelity. She says that affairs are not about logic, “and recovering after infidelity doesn’t just happen with time; you and your spouse have to fully process the experience and […]

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Infidelity: 8 Stages of Recovery

Today we wanted to show you a nice video from Dr. Huizenga, the Infidelity Coach, and author of “Break Free From the Affair” about the 8 Stages of Recovery. In the video he goes through the 8 different emotions that one feels after being victimized by infidelity. One of the main points of the video […]

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