Getting to Complete Honesty After the Affair

Sadly, after the affair D-day bomb drops, the pain just begins for the betrayed spouse.  The unfaithful spouse however, may feel a sense of relief and that “it’s finally over.” The unfaithful person feels relieved that the big secret about their affair has been exposed, and the stress of living a double life is released, […]

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Post Traumatic Growth After Infidelity

Post Traumatic Growth After Infidelity: The 3 Ingredients That Make It Possible

By Sarah P. In past blogs, I have discussed various aspects of PTSD as a result of an affair as well as trauma bonds. I have also discussed the idea that it is possible to overcome trauma. But, the one thing I have not written about in great detail is the concept of post traumatic […]

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reasons cheaters don’t want to talk about their affair

The Real Reasons Cheaters Don’t Want to Talk About Their Affair

I wanted to piggy-back just a bit off Sarah P’s excellent post from last week and provide you with some more reasons cheaters don’t want to talk about their affair and/or provide the betrayed person with much – if any details. By Doug After all the secrecy and lying that usually comes with having an […]

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Is It Possible to Recover from an Affair

Burning Questions: Is It Possible to Recover from an Affair in the Face of Unanswered Questions?

This article is about wayward spouses who actively withhold details and what happens when they do so. Is it possible to recover from an affair without knowing all the details? By Sarah P. Being married can be hard, being married can be extremely lonely for days or weeks on end, being married can be confusing. […]

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You Decide

Make Him Move Out or Let It Play Out – You Decide!

  This is the latest installment of our ‘You Decide’ series where you will provide your opinion on a fictional affair scenario. In this scenario, you need to decide if Shannon should insist that Jason move out – or let things play out. Shannon and Jason have been married for about a dozen years.  They […]

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why do women cheat

Why Do Women Cheat? It Is Not For the Reasons You Might Think

While we know that both men and women cheat in equal numbers, it seems we do not hear much about female wayward spouses and why they had an affair. So why do women cheat? By Sarah P. Before diving into this blog post I wanted to preface it with the idea that all affairs are […]

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Open 'Mic' 29

Open ‘Mic’ Discussion #29 – Talk About Anything You Want!

  It’s been since July that we had our last open discussion, so we felt it was time for Open ‘Mic’ Discussion #29 !   In case you didn’t know, or are a new reader, this is where you guys call the shots and discuss the topics that you want to discuss. We know there […]

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Will Your Partner Have an Affair Again

Will Your Partner Have an Affair Again? – The Million Dollar Question

A wayward spouse is solely in control of his or her actions and choices. He (or she) has to make the ultimate decision to cheat again or not to cheat again. By Sarah P. Stephen Covey, in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, remarks that a person’s past habits and behavior often […]

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understanding why you had your affair

Understanding Why You Had Your Affair – The Simple 5-Step Process

One of the biggest challenges for a person trying to recover from their spouse’s affair is understanding why the affair happened in the first place.  Why did the unfaithful spouse make the decisions they did? What compounds this challenge even further is the fact that many (if not most) of the unfaithful persons don’t really […]

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Why Don’t Cheaters Leave Their Spouses

Staying Married For the Kids: Is it worth it?

Staying married for the kids is a huge issue for many couples after there has been infidelity.  Does it make sense?  Is it worth it? by Sarah P. As you know, EAJ tends to be a pro-marriage and pro-recovery blog. Doug, Linda, and I tend to believe that if a marriage can be salvageable, a […]

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