franconia ridge trail

Mount Infidelity – The Toughest Climb You’ll Ever Do

I realize that it’s very cliché to compare the struggles that go along with affair recovery to climbing a mountain, but after our experience on our vacation we discovered that the comparison to be even more appropriate. While in the White Mountains in New Hampshire we set off on a day-hike called the Franconia Ridge Loop […]

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nip flirting in the bud

Nip Flirting In the Bud Before It Happens (Again)

by Sarah P. I firmly believe that if a couple is to recover from an affair, there are certain behaviors that must be changed. There are other behaviors that must be dropped altogether if recovery is to be possible. The behavior that needs to go is flirting. I believe that extreme flirtation opens the door […]

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33 Observations from Two Weeks on the Road

It certainly is great to be back home after our two-week family getaway to New England.  After all, who doesn’t want to get back to 3000 emails, a foot high stack of mail, a ton of work to catch up on and a new school year just right around the corner?  Why would anyone want […]

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We’re Hitting the Road Again

Sunday we will be packing up our semi-trusty SUV we call ‘Old Betsy’ in preparation for hitting the road early Monday morning for a two week vacation in New England. Old Betsy is almost 15 years old and has about 202,000 miles on her.  She’s seen a good part of this country on the way […]

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How About Sharing More About Yourself?

We have noticed lately that there are many new people who have been visiting our site and who have been making comments and sharing their experiences. Since our reader base does tend to change frequently, we thought now would be a good time to repeat a fun exercise that was last done back in January of 2014. […]

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People With Avoidant Personality Disorder More Likely To Cheat

Are People With Avoidant Personality Disorder More Likely To Cheat On Their Partners?

by Kajay Williams Some people are more likely to cheat than others – that’s just the way the world works. Some people will find it much easier to set aside the boundaries of marriage and embark on more than one relationship than others – but there’s a very good reason why. Recent research has suggested […]

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after an affair is discovered

The Five Phases a Cheater Goes Through After an Affair is Discovered

After an affair is discovered, in most cases a metamorphosis begins for the unfaithful spouse.  Up until that time he/she may have been carrying on as if nothing was going on.  They were stealthy in their ways and they thought they would never get caught. Then it happens. The affair is discovered.  It could have […]

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30 Years and Counting

Today we have been married for 30 years.  That’s a long time. But it’s just another day. I’m working.  Linda is off to her chiropractor appointment and then to the store.  The girls are at their summer college classes and our son is traveling back from a trip out West.  Oh, and our dog is asleep […]

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affair recovery specialist

Finding an Affair Recovery Specialist

Affair Counseling – A Specialized Focus by Tim Tedder, LMHC, NCC  Imagine a man with high blood pressure being hit by a truck while crossing a street. He smashes to the pavement, broken and bloodied, and a nearby doctor rushes to his aid. The doctor quickly assesses the situation and then exclaims, “Man, you’re in […]

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being vulnerable again after you have been betrayed

Being Vulnerable Again after You Have Been Betrayed

Last Friday was Doug’s annual outing with a bunch of his old high school buddies.  It’s when they go golfing, attend a baseball game and hit the bars afterwards.  Basically they act about 35 years younger than they all are.  Then they go home and recuperate for the rest of the weekend! Anyways, after their […]

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