the destructive force of infidelity on families

The Destructive Force of Infidelity on Families

As you are all aware, the holidays are right around the corner. This has always been a special time for me and for our family. Doug and I have such special memories of our whole family coming together at our house on Christmas day for lots of food, drink and merry-making. Well, we just found […]

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the point of no return

Have You Reached the Point of No Return?

A man recently wrote to us asking for help. He and his wife were separated because of serious relationship problems and he wanted to repair his marriage. He shared with us that he’d tried “begging and pleading” with her to come back to him, but that only pushed her further away. According to this man, […]

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you're having an emotional affair

Stop! Just Stop! You ARE Having an Emotional Affair!

After we posted the article Rationalizing the Emotional Affair as ‘Just Friends’  we were inundated with emails from people who were facing the challenge of a spouse who is denying that their emotional affair is an affair at all. The main reason that they are justifying this stance is naturally because there was no sex […]

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survive and thrive after infidelity

Survive and Thrive after Infidelity

We’ve had this blog now for almost five years, and over that period of time we’ve had the honor of communicating with thousands of people who have been affected in some way by infidelity. It just so happens that about 85% of the time it has been with those whose spouse has been unfaithful. In […]

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Recovering from Trauma – 1 Action to Radically Change Recovery

“Healing means recognizing that The Trauma You is just one aspect of who you are. Sure, right now it may be the dominant aspect, but it’s still only one part of the whole you. Recovery gains strength by learning to (re)recognize the rest of who you are with more and more clarity.” Betrayed spouses and […]

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do you trust your partner

Do You Trust Your Partner?

“Trust is a huge factor in a marriage or relationship and that fact is brought to light when one spouse cheats. Trust is shattered and is extremely difficult to regain.” We’ve both been incredibly busy lately at work and with family stuff.  So needless to say, we were quite thankful when we received an article […]

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rationalizing the emotional affair

Rationalizing the Emotional Affair as ‘Just Friends’

We often hear from readers how their spouses are rationalizing the emotional affair that they’re having as nothing but a friendship, or a business relationship or some other innocent type of relationship. The thing is though, that much of the details of the “friendship” is being kept a secret or is minimized in some way. […]

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When the Affair Partners Work Together

When the Affair Partners Work Together

I was reading somewhere that nearly 75% of men meet their affair partners at work. I can only imagine that a similar statistic exists for women as well. It only makes sense since many people spend almost half of their waking hours at work and with co-workers. Relationships are created and can get out of […]

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moving on from the affair too soon

Moving On from the Affair Too Soon

We love to hear success stories from readers. We recently received an email from a person who was rejoicing about how she and her husband have been able to put his emotional affair behind them after just a couple of months. At first I thought, “Wow! That’s fantastic. Amazing! I’m so happy for them!” But […]

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Open ‘Mic’ Discussion #13

It’s that time again to talk about whatever you want to talk about!  This is Open Mic #13 and we hope that there are some things that are going on that you can either ask questions about or share your experiences with everyone. So… What’s on your mind? Have any successes to share? Big or […]

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