Recovering Alone from Infidelity

Save Yourself: You Can Recover From Infidelity Even If Your Partner Is Not an Active Participant

By Sarah P. “The truth will set you free, but not until it’s had its way with you.” –David Foster Wallace This piece is about recovering alone from infidelity and why it is not just plausible – it is possible. This post also contains more of ‘my truth’ about my relationship with my ex as I […]

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Open ‘Mic’ Discussion #25

Well, it’s been a couple of months so it’s time again for an Open ‘Mic’ discussion.  You guys call the shots and discuss the topics that you want to discuss. This is Open ‘Mic’ #25 and we know there must be some things that are going on that you can either ask questions about, share […]

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How to Use Empathy to Communicate Effectively

At the Heart of Attachment: How to Use Empathy to Communicate Effectively For On-Going Recovery

By Sarah P. Empathy is the most mysterious transaction that the human soul can have, and it’s accessible to all of us, but we have to give ourselves the opportunity to identify, to plunge ourselves in a story where we see the world from the bottom up or through another’s eyes or heart.”  – Sue Monk […]

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emotional affair journey

Our 1000th Post!

We’ve reached a bit of a milestone here at Emotional Affair Journey… This is post number 1000! Almost 6 years.  About 800,000 words.  Over 33,000 comments.  Over 6 million page views.  Wow! Who da thunk it? Never in a million years did we think we’d still have this site after almost 6 years.  And to […]

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male infidelity

You Have Come A Long Way, Baby! – Female Gender Roles as an Attempt to Curtail Male Infidelity

By Sarah P. If you have been through an affair, you have come a long way, baby. You know your story backwards and forwards and have become a wiser person. You have been able to piece together how you got there and how far you have come. (By the way, I do smoke and I […]

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Spouse Poachers

Spouse Poachers: When it’s open season on your husband, you need to have a plan

When you are dealing with a spouse poacher, she thinks any season is a good season to poach another woman’s husband. By Sarah P. You have been through it and you know the drill. Your husband has been unfaithful and you are unsure whether or not he will be unfaithful again. To make matters worse, […]

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Build Your Self-Esteem

10 Things that Can Help Build Your Self-Esteem Post D-day

By Sarah P. There’s nothing like betrayal to throw your self-esteem for a loop. When your spouse betrays you, you are devastated. But, your devastation might pale in comparison to the hit that your self-esteem takes when this happens.  Infidelity is the worst of the worst when it comes to damaging your self-esteem. Even though […]

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when your husband marries the other woman

When Your Husband Marries the Other Woman – What Happens?

So what happens when your husband marries the other woman? By Sarah P. There are several influences that could lead to a man leaving his wife and marrying the other woman. As you know, these people are less than 10% of the men out there, and when they do leave their marriage has a 70% chance […]

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Hedonic Adaptation in relationships

Neither the Supermodel Nor the Housewife Wins: Hedonic Adaptation in Relationships and How it Could Play a Role in Infidelity

By Sarah P. What do men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Jude Law, and Hugh Grant have in common? On the other side, what do women like Adrianna Lima, Christie Brinkley, Shania Twain, Jennifer Garner, and Liz Hurley have in common? All of these people are bound together by a commonality that has […]

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the other woman

Does the Other Woman Play A Role In an Affair or Does the Blame Land Solely on the Cheating Husbands? YOU Decide

By Sarah P. You have heard it many times: when a husband has an affair, he is 100% responsible for the affair. While this is absolutely true, it lets the other woman off the hook.  I want to look at it another way: the wayward husband is 100% responsible for his role in the affair, […]

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