rationalizing the emotional affair

Rationalizing the Emotional Affair as ‘Just Friends’

We often hear from readers how their spouses are rationalizing the emotional affair that they’re having as nothing but a friendship, or a business relationship or some other innocent type of relationship. The thing is though, that much of the details of the “friendship” is being kept a secret or is minimized in some way. […]

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When the Affair Partners Work Together

When the Affair Partners Work Together

I was reading somewhere that nearly 75% of men meet their affair partners at work. I can only imagine that a similar statistic exists for women as well. It only makes sense since many people spend almost half of their waking hours at work and with co-workers. Relationships are created and can get out of […]

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moving on from the affair too soon

Moving On from the Affair Too Soon

We love to hear success stories from readers. We recently received an email from a person who was rejoicing about how she and her husband have been able to put his emotional affair behind them after just a couple of months. At first I thought, “Wow! That’s fantastic. Amazing! I’m so happy for them!” But […]

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Open ‘Mic’ Discussion #13

It’s that time again to talk about whatever you want to talk about!  This is Open Mic #13 and we hope that there are some things that are going on that you can either ask questions about or share your experiences with everyone. So… What’s on your mind? Have any successes to share? Big or […]

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Top Emotional Affair Journey Posts

Top Emotional Affair Journey Posts, Searches, Stats and More

Occasionally I like to look at the stats of our blog to get a snapshot of what’s going on from a readership standpoint and to determine if there are any technical issues that need to be addressed or if there are any updates that need to be done, etc. One of the things I like […]

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inside the mind of a mistress

Inside the Mind of a Mistress

Love him or hate him, Dr. Phil has some entertaining and interesting shows at times and he pulls no punches. The other day while searching for content for the Higher Healing area, we ran across the videos below: Inside the Mind of a Mistress Part 1 & Part 2. The premise of the show is […]

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The Least Productive Things to Do After an Affair

The Least Productive Things to Do After an Affair

Below you will find some statements that people have made when asked: What do you feel is the least productive thing you did after discovering the affair? Hopefully, you will find these statements somewhat enlightening. Please add your own thoughts in the comment section below the post. The least productive thing I did after the […]

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you must stop being the victim

You Must Stop Being the Victim

We’ve used the word victim a lot on this site; typically with respect to the person who has been betrayed by their partner’s infidelity. We use the term because the betrayed is indeed a victim. If you question that for any reason, then here is the official dictionary definition of victim: a person who suffers […]

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emotional affair addiction

An Unfaithful Reader’s Emotional Affair Addiction

“Addiction is a state that is characterized by compulsive drug use or compulsive engagement in rewarding behavior, despite adverse consequences.” – Wikipedia I’ve been communicating via email for quite some time with a woman whose husband had an affair and is going through the withdrawal period after it ended.   She’s struggling with his current state […]

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you know you're getting old when

You Know You’re Getting Old When…

We’re going to poke a little fun at ourselves today to lighten things up a bit. Later this month both Linda and I will be turning 53 years of age. There’s no doubt that we are both in excellent health. Neither of us have any medical conditions that require us to take any medications and […]

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