Open ‘Mic’ Discussion #23

It’s been 2 months since our last open mic discussion – where you guys discuss the topics that are most important to you. It’s time to do it again! This is Open Mic #23 and we know there must be some things that are going on that you can either ask questions about, share your experiences – or […]

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rules of fair fighting

11 Rules of Fair Fighting – Taming the Incredible Hulk

Rules of Fair Fighting and How To Make Yourself Heard By Sarah P. The incredible hulk—what does he have to do with anything? When I refer to the Incredible Hulk, I am referring to the extremely angry feelings that flood us when our unfaithful spouse has no insight into our feelings and refuses to acknowledge […]

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do open marriages work

Do Open Marriages Work?

By Sarah P.  Polyamorists claim open marriages are a good solution for the continued happiness of long-term happy marriages.  But do open marriages work? We have heard a lot from them recently—those people who practice polyamory. The movement, which was made popular in the 1970’s, is now rearing its ugly, leering head and wandering eyes […]

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why women cheat

For Betrayed Men: Why women cheat and leverage that you have if your wife cheated

  By Sarah P. This is Sarah’s second installment of her series on the leverage a betrayed spouse has after infidelity.  This post will address the leverage men have when their wives have been unfaithful.  (To read the first part of the two part series, you can  click here.) Most of the articles on this […]

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husband won't end the affair

Time For Real Talk – The leverage you have when your husband won’t leave the other woman

by Sarah P. Note:  This is the first installment of a two-part series where Sarah P. will address the leverage one has when their spouse won’t leave their affair partner.  This week she addresses when the husband won’t end the affair and next week she’ll dig into when the wife won’t leave her affair partner. It’s one […]

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an emotional affair

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard – How to Recognize An Emotional Affair: Suspicions, Signs, and Symptoms

What is an emotional affair? To boil it down to its essence, an emotional affair is a set of feelings for another person of the opposite sex that ends up blurring boundaries and supporting behaviors (based on those feelings) that are destructive to a marriage. These things put together can spell the beginning of the […]

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catch a cheater

A Betrayed Spouse’s Worst Enemy: The Smartphone and PC

By Sarah P. Take your power back with this handy guide on how you can use technology to your advantage to catch a cheater in the act… The technology boom that has happened in the last ten years is a paradox because it is a blessing and a curse. This boom has blessed society in […]

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2016 reader survey

Summary of the 2016 Annual Reader Survey

We’re sure you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the results of our most recent reader survey  which we conducted last week. So we’re gonna present that to you here in this rather detailed – and long – post. First of all, we wish to thank everyone who took time out of their busy day to […]

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The 2016 Emotional Affair Journey Annual Reader Survey

Every year we like to take the pulse of the readers by conducting a reader survey.  Well, it’s that time again! So…We’d appreciate it very much if you could help us out and take this 38-question survey. We know, that seems like a lot of questions, but the vast majority require just one-click to answer. Since […]

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An Encounter with an ‘Embarrassed’ Ex-Neighbor

I was doing the grocery shopping Sunday as always, when about 50 feet or so in front of me I spotted Sherri, a woman who used to live in our neighborhood.  It was rumored that she and her husband had their house foreclosed on after a particularly nasty divorce.  I was sure Sherri noticed me […]

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