what would have prevented the affair?

Discussion – What Would Have Prevented the Affair?

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the discussion from last week.  It was a great response and we appreciate it – and you guys – very much. One of the comments was from an ex-CS who has contributed quite a bit on this site and has obviously made great strides since ending the affair. […]

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emotional healing after infidelity

Emotional Healing After Infidelity – Becoming Whole with Mindfulness

One of our main goals for this site has always been to help guide people towards emotional healing after infidelity.  The other day, I was listening to an audio recording of a virtual conference on the subject between  host, Dr. Eric Maisel and Dr. Melanie Greenberg.  I wanted to share some of the concepts that […]

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Case Study: What To Do When the Other Woman Refuses to Leave Your Marriage Alone

by Sarah P. Take A Queue From Anne Wojcicki While Keeping Your Head Held High  The couple, who is currently living separately, have two young children. They have been pegged as Generation X’s answer to Bill and Melinda Gates. If you read my other post about when men do stupid things, you’ll remember that Anne […]

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triggers and memories of the affair

Discussion – Dealing with Triggers and Memories of the Affair

It seems that except for our “Open Mic” discussions, the last several weekly topics haven’t generated much conversation at all.  That most certainly is our fault for not coming up with topics that are relevant and/or interesting enough for you guys to comment on.  For that we apologize. I hope that this week’s discussion topic […]

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Just Another Boring Couple

Just Another Boring Couple

One thing that has been very apparent for the last several months – actually probably going on almost two years now, is the lack of drama in our lives. For so many months after the affair we went through so much drama… the roller coaster of emotions, the pain, the mental anguish and everything else […]

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negotiated infidelity

Negotiated Infidelity – Is It A Viable Alternative For Married Couples?

Guest post by Sarah P. Last week, while reading an article, a term that I was not familiar with piqued my interest. The article referenced a relational model for pair-bonded couples that was termed negotiated infidelity. What is negotiated infidelity? Negotiated infidelity is a term that describes an arrangement between a couple where both people […]

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Discussion – Our Most Recent Survey Results

A couple of weeks ago we conducted another one of our short surveys asking readers what they were struggling with most right now.  For our discussion this week, we just wanted to go over the results and hopefully generate some discussion amongst everyone about the findings. First of all, consistent with previous surveys, our readers […]

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sexual intimacy after an affair

Sexual Intimacy After an Affair

Let’s talk about restoring sexual intimacy in a marriage after there’s been an affair. It’s quite obvious that an extramarital affair always has a huge impact on a couple’s sex life, and from what we’ve experienced and learned from others is that it can go in either one of two ways… The first way is […]

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spying on your spouse

Spying on Your Spouse – Why We Spy (and What It Costs Us)

You may not even realize that you’re doing it. Spying is usually portrayed in books and movies as either James Bond-like heroics or crazy and paranoid behavior. You probably don’t see yourself as either of these extremes, but it’s possible that you are spying on your spouse…and damaging your fragile relationship in the process.  Spying […]

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Open “Mic” Discussion #7

Once again it’s our monthly feature where our discussion is completely open to whatever you want to talk about.   Boy, time flies! This is Open Mic #7 and we hope that there are some things that are going on that you can share with everyone. So… What’s on your mind? Have any successes to share? […]

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