Do You Feel As Though The Feelings of Grief After the Affair Are Unbearable?

When you have been through any kind of trauma, including an affair, you will experience a grieving process. Within this grieving process there are five identifiable stages that occur.

The concept of five stages of grief was originated and explained by a psychiatrist named Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

Originally, Kubler-Ross identified these stages in order to help families who experience the death of a loved one process their grief.

However, Kubler-Ross soon identified that these same five stages occur anytime a profound loss occurs. And that would include the loss that is felt after a marriage is devastated by infidelity.

What are the Symptoms of Grief?

Though each person grieves in unique ways, there are common behavioral, emotional, and physical signs and symptoms that people who are grieving typically experience.

There are physical symptoms like: Fatigue and exhaustion alternating with periods of high alertness and energy, difficulty sleeping, disturbed appetite (either more appetite or less appetite than normal), muscle tremors, chills and/or sweating, and more...

Mental symptoms such as: Confusion (memory, concentration, judgment and comprehension difficulties), intrusion (unwanted thoughts, arousal, nightmares), dissociation (feeling of detachment and unreality, disorientation, denial)

Emotional symptoms like: Shock, fear, anxiety or apprehension, anger, irritability or agitation, guilt, numbness, remoteness, depression...

Having experienced infidelity myself, I certainly have moved through these same five stages, and I can tell you that it wasn’t easy for me, for us, whatsoever.

It is important to understand that this grieving process is normal and that everyone, at some point in his or her life, will be confronted with a situation that causes such grief and trauma.

Trying to suppress or short cut this process will do no good —if you suppress something, it only delays healing and that something you are suppressing will always find a voice.

Please note that because everyone is different, you may experience each stage in a different order. An individual might also find himself or herself jumping back and forth between stages.

While one stage of grief might be experienced in a shorter duration for one individual, it may be experienced in a more lengthy duration for another.

Thus, as each person moves through the stages of grief, the finer points of their experience may differ, but the feelings they experience and the relevance of each stage remains universal.

Introducing...Processing the Five Stages of Grief after Infidelity

In this module, you are going to learn about the five stages of the grieving process; how to effectively deal with each step in the process; and then how to complete the process with the end result being a newfound sense of emotional freedom.

It's a compact, common sense program that will help you to better understand and manage the stages of grief that are typical after being betrayed.


Here’s a sampling of what’s covered in
Processing the Five Stages of Grief after Infidelity

  • A description of each stage
  • Tips and strategies for dealing with each stage
  • Do's and Don'ts for each stage
  • Worksheet: The Rules of Effective Couples
  • And more...

You WILL Get Through This!

You will always remember the affair, and you will always remember the pain that went with it.

Grieving is going to be one of the hardest things you are going to experience.  This module will help you through the process.

But, before you even begin, please realize now that you can be hopeful about the future.

That said, if you take the knowledge that you gain from this program and apply it with maximum effort, use your head a little, then you can expect to experience substantial positive progress managing your grief after being betrayed.

Here’s exactly what you’re getting with
Processing the Five Stages of Grief after Infidelity

  • Processing the Five Stages of Grief after Infidelity - Audio Version

    66-minute professionally recorded audio version in MP3 format.  Download to your computer or mobile device for listening whenever you want.

  • Processing the Five Stages of Grief after Infidelity - Manual/Guide

    51-page manual/transcript of audio in PDF format.  Download it.  Read it from your computer or print it out.  Take notes and/or journal while reading it.

  • Exercises for Processiing Grief

    A set of reflective exercises designed to navigate the complex emotions of grief following infidelity, aligned with the five stages of grief, to aid in emotional healing and personal growth.

  • Journaling Prompts

    Reflective journaling prompts tailored to each of the five stages of grief, specifically designed to help you in processing and healing from the emotional turmoil experienced after infidelity, encouraging personal growth and understanding through guided self-reflection.

  • Bonus - Meditation

    “Alleviating Emotional Pain” – a 14- minute Bilateral Guided Meditation created by Joyce E. Smith MA, MFT

“Thanks for providing this easy to read, concise guide.  It helped me to better understand what I was going through."

- Alexandria

“I've been overwhelmed with feelings of grief after my wife's 2-year long affair with my 'best friend.'  This helped me immensely.”

- Mitch

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