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"I am following the Empower ME! program with many tears. It is very powerful with so many pieces and parts to connect the dots. Thanks for all you do!!" ~ Donna

Empower ME! - From Devastation to Restoration

A 30-day journey to empowerment after infidelity

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Transform Your World With Empower ME!

Here's what your world can look like after going through this program.

To know how this program can transform your world for the better, we first need to understand what your world might be like at the moment.


Your world as it is now:

Here are some things that you may possibly be currently struggling with...

  • Spinning in place
  • Constant suffering
  • Feeling lost
  • Feeling alone
  • Too flooded to think about logical next steps
  • Feeling devastated
  • Feeling traumatized and catatonic
  • Constant panic

Your world as it could be:

Since this program provides you with BOTH the emotional tools to move forward and the practical tools to move forward, you can expect the following...

  • End the suffering due to your partner's affair.
  • It lessens and can even short-cut depression and anxiety.
  • This program will train the brain to seek a meditative state of consciousness, which will PREVENT panic attacks.
  • You will be able to "reframe" your situation.
  • You will become more resilient.
  • You will be better able to make logical and balanced decisions.
  • More inner-strength and foundation.
  • Will cut the healing process down considerably from what it normally would be.
  • You will become more empowered and focused.
  • Will always be able to access the material to read over and over again until it sticks.


This program was created to effect changes in a person from the inside out. It will help deactivate the centers of the brain that cause anxiety due to trauma and activate the areas responsible for well-being.

There is no medication that is capable of doing this. The program was intentionally created to retrain the brain. The earlier we retrain our brain after trauma, the better.

Our brains are like vinyls records with grooves in them. We want to "sand down" the parts of the record associated with emotional pain and anxiety and we want to create new metaphorical "grooves" in the record that are responsible for well-being.

This program will do that for a person as long as they follow it, do the exercises, and think about the ideas until they take hold.

You WILL be changed.

Sarah Polikoff

Like you, I know the pain of infidelity. I know where you are or have been because I have experienced it myself. I know all about shattered trust and broken promises. I even know all about the suicidal thoughts that can sneak in, despite you NOT being actively suicidal.

Like you, I have walked the road to recovery from infidelity and the soles of my feet carry the same cuts, callouses, and scars as yours. Like you, I have felt that infidelity has been one of the toughest roads I have ever walked.

This is the program I wished someone would have written when I was betrayed, couldn't get out of bed after the initial shock of d-day, and drowning in suicidal thoughts.

Real Comments From Real People

People who have experienced profound change from working with Sarah

My partner and I had been considering separating. It was as if we were giving up on each other. Why try to fix what is broken when you could have something new and shiny? We could never have been more wrong. Thank you Sarah for letting us find our way back to the love and affection that we thought was gone forever. Thank for saving us from a life without each other.


After working with Sarah, I felt enabled to utilize the tools of strength and empowerment that Sarah recognized in me and Sarah showed me concrete ways to use these tools. Under Sarah’s careful guidance, Sarah helped me remove roadblocks and the process of working with her led to me experiencing positive outcomes in my life.


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