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Through the magic of Twitter, we recently formed a relationship with  Michael Sherman.  He’s a personal coach and relationship expert, and the founder of COURAGEOUS LOVING, a company devoted to helping people answer the question, “Who are my relationships calling me to become?

We’d like to take a moment to help Michael out and share a portion of an email that he has put together about a special Mother’s Day program with lots of great bonus stuff included that will have a profound effect on many people’s lives and relationships–including your own.  Many of the items included in this offer can help those of us who are coping with the effects of an affair.

We recommend that you at least check it out to see if it might be of some help to you with your relationships.

Here is his email….

Thank you for allowing me to reach you in this way, and many thanks to my collaborators who have sent you this email.

Can I tell you a real quick story?

This year, as winter turned into spring, I decided it was time to make a big impact on my world by helping people revitalize their relationships, their sense of spirituality and their self-esteem. After a season of deep change in my life, I called upon my friends and colleagues to join me in a project that could achieve this.  What emerged was the “TRUST YOURSELF” Mother’s Day Project, an opportunity for people to truly reclaim themselves and improve their lives.

What better time than Mother’s Day…

to reflect upon the direction

our spirits are leading us

and to rejoice in our best selves?

(To learn more, click this link): DISCOVER THE “TRUST YOURSELF” – MOTHER’S DAY PROJECT:

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So with this team of my friends and colleagues – experts, trainers and artists who have devoted their lives to living from the heart – we have created a package of products and services that will help you transform your relationships, gain insights into spirituality, parenting and health, and increase the joyfulness in your life.

Here’s how it works…

For the 3 days before Mother’s Day, (May 6,7,8) anyone who purchases our downloadable audio program, “RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE ROADMAP TO DESTINY,” will also receive a powerful package of wonderful bonus items created by this group over 18 outstanding professionals. These include audio recordings, books, coaching calls, and other gifts connected to the theme, “TRUST YOURSELF.”

It’s like claiming an entire years-worth of personal growth for yourself, only you’re paying for a single audio program.

You’ll receive an email that shows you how to download or redeem all of these products and services. The complete value of this package is worth thousands of dollars, but it’s available May 6,7,8th only for only $27.

(To learn more, click this link): ENJOY YOUR “TRUST YOURSELF” MOTHER’S DAY PACKAGE”

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