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“I Just Found Out”

You have just recently discovered (or suspect) an affair and are on the emotional roller coaster. You are in great pain, confused and lost as to what to do. Your spouse may have ended his/her affair but you’re not really sure. Trust is shattered and you’re not sure if your marriage is going to survive.

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“I’m Further Along”

You are several weeks or months out from your “D-day.” You are working to rebuild your marriage and yet are having trouble recovering and healing and rebuilding trust and respect. You may have even forgiven your spouse as he/she is remorseful and is trying to make up for the affair, but for some reason you feel stuck.

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Dear Linda and Doug, and everyone, My husband and I are forever grateful for the generous sharing and support, information and inspiration on this site. Sarah, Member
Thank you for showing that it is possible to achieve what I found impossible 3 years ago, in fact if wasn’t for this blog, I would have given up very early on, thank  God I found it! Peter, Member