Impressive title, eh?  (Maybe not so much)

Every now and then we like to take the pulse of the readers by taking a reader survey. So this week, in lieu of a discussion topic, we’d appreciate it very much if you could help us out and take this 38-question survey.

We know, that seems like a lot of questions, but the vast majority require just one-click to answer.

Since your needs are constantly evolving – as well as readers coming and going to Emotional Affair Journey –  these surveys are always very important as they help us to determine what is most important to you guys so that we can address your issues in future posts or with other resources. 

The survey is below for you to complete or you can click here and go to a separate page to complete it.

Remember that there are 38 questions in all, so you will have to use the slider thingy on the right side of the box to scroll down to answer all the questions.

We will report back to you the results in a week or so, or as soon as we get a substantial amount of responses. 

Stay tuned because there are always some interesting findings and/or tidbits that come out of these things.

Thank you so much.  We really appreciate your time!

Linda & Doug


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    4 replies to "The 2013 Emotional Affair Journey Comprehensive Reader Survey"

    • Saw the Light

      Doug, I wanted to say that many of the questions did not have an answer that I could truthfully check. Do you think a response of “Other” would be appropriate on most of the items?

      • Doug

        Perhaps some of them could. I will see if I can revise the questions without starting from scratch and screwing up the results.

    • Karen

      Will be curious to see if anyone else adds in verbal abuse and physical intimidation to their responses… I have had to deal with that when I have repeatedly asked him questions about his second EA with the same coworker in 18 years….he says I “nag” him for answers so he can only take so much of that before he blows. I have finally mustered the courage to move out if my beautiful home and leave my precious fur baby so I can get away from that. I must have answers to truly get past this and he won’t be honest and at this point, 8 months after d day, I don’t know if he is EVER being honest when he speaks anymore. I have zero trust . Will be glad to see results of this survey

    • Jobell

      I see this is an old thread, but maybe some are still around…… I meet with all kinds of resistance and when I communicate that I’m not buying his “version” of events, he gets very angry and either withdrawals completely or tries to verbally bully me into saying I believe him. I know he’s still lying or at least omitting and holding back details and I cannot move forward or heal until I know what I need to know. I am not asking questions I do not want answers to, and I’m tired of the counsellor asking me “do you really want the answer to that Q? Do you really want to know?” It’s obvious to me that he’s only given me a very whitewashed version of the truth. I feel stuck and sad and angry. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day most of the time. I wake up sick, sad and well – maybe disoriented is the best word to describe how I feel now. And the very few people that DO know the humiliating story of his lifelong serial emotional affairs? They have had the nerve to say to me “well, he really didn’t DO anything, right.” Are they serious???? I. Can’t. Even. God help me.

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