We have received some wonderful testimonials and words of appreciation from our readers over the course of the last several years:


“I would have never had the courage, strength or commitment to the long reconciliation process if it weren’t for the people who opened their souls by posting their stories on here. Their willingness to openly engage with me and others in a dialogue of healing was life and marriage saving. Thanks again Linda and Doug!”


“I’m a little over one and a half years into recovery and you’ve both made a tremendous difference in my life.  Thank you, Linda and Doug, I am very grateful for all you do for people going through this difficult process.”


“Thank you Doug and Linda for helping me get through the worst time of my life.  I never thought infidelity would happen to me and your website was there to help me through it.. I’m happy to report that my husband and I reconciled in 2014 after 3 years of cheating, lies and infidelity. I kicked him out to live with the OW and he finally found his way back to me after 2-1/2 years. As a result, he’s now more appreciative of me and more committed to the marriage and it never would have happened if he had not gone out there and seen for himself that the grass is NOT greener on the other side. I could not have gotten through all of this without your Emotional Affair website to keep me hopeful and sane. The knowledge and insight I got from your posts helped to bring things into perspective while I was going through it. I thank God for you and I know that it was Him who led me to you when I was so devastated and struggling for answers. You helped save my life and my sanity and I’m happy to report that my marriage is better than it’s ever been, just like you said it would be! Please keep on doing what you’re doing because I know there are others who can benefit from all you have to offer. Thank you both and thank God for you.”


“I thank all of you, and especially Doug and Linda for hosting this blog, for supporting me and allowing me to support you in my healing process. You are all priceless, wise, individuals who all have so much to offer to the world. Never forget that. We are all stronger and bigger than this trauma and as we learn and grow and yes take care of ourselves we become even stronger and bigger.”


“Doug and Linda…they are my heroes in putting their life out on the web for our benefit. It couldn’t have been easy for either of them, and I see so many moments of THAT’S ME in their posts. I consider them my friends more so than some of the friends I have, as they don’t pass judgement, they listen…and the words they post are valuable.”


“Just a Thank You, Linda and Doug for helping me with the information I needed to get my own marriage back on track.  I am happy to say, my husband and I are one of those people who remain in the marriage, healed and still healing very nicely and have managed to overcome the damage done along the way.  I am looking forward to your higher healing.”


“I have been reading your site for nearly a year now and have gained great strength from your posts and readers comments…”


“I’m so grateful for this site and everyone’s stories, advice and input! Big kuddos to Linda and Doug for creating this site. It’s a blessing!!! Thank you.”


“Doug and Linda – this site has saved my sanity. I once again don’t know what’s happening with my marriage. I logged on tonight (I was one of the introductory subscribers and miraculously remembered my password) and it was like stepping into a therapy room. Thank you for continuing to maintain this site. It’s a Godsend to me, especially today.”


“This site has been a God send for me and I can’t thank you enough. I have a lot of alone time which is sometimes good and sometimes awful. I have been known to read and re-read your topics for hours just trying to glean a shred of hope and have been lucky enough to find something to hold onto each time, Thank you. I am so sorry that you two had to go through such pain to get where you are and I am so thankful that you have chosen to be a guiding light for the rest of us.”


“Thank you to all of you who have been such good friends to me here. Doug and Linda, you are the greatest! Giving of yourselves and sharing your trials and tribulations with all of us is nothing less than admirable. Bless you both!”


“This site is what helped me stay calmer when inside the eye of the storm. Kuddos to Doug and Linda for starting it.”


“You guys are the greatest.  I enjoy your comments and think you are doing great work helping out so many other people with what you went through.”


“Thank you, Doug and Linda, for all you have done in creating this website. Reading your journey (and the other posters) has been like someone saying all the things we want to say ourselves but can’t find the words. It has allowed for us to have discussions about the affair in a productive manner as I can just ask him to read a particular post as it addresses an issue that we have been dealing with. It goes both ways, as I have learned a lot about what my husband must have been thinking and going through before, during and after the affair by reading Doug’s posts. I look forward to continuing working towards a healthy marriage with the help of your site.”


“I thank God every day for these two wonderful people for setting up this site.”


“I have listen to and read everything that you have posted on this blog for two years now. I so feel the pain that everyone here feels and without this site where would any of us go to learn and share? You brought the light to emotional affairs which so needed to be done.”


“Doug and Linda I can’t thank you enough and to let you know how much you have help me and all the wonderful people on here. To be honest with out this blog I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I have. Bless you from my heart!”


“I love this site and reading everyone’s posts have also helped in my healing process. Doug and Linda have certainly been an inspiration for me also.”


“Doug and Linda, you have both shown so much initiative, courage, and faith. We have all learned and grown as a result of both of your efforts. Thank you!


“It’s amazing the inner strength you can find when you want to save your marriage, despite the conflicting comments from your spouse when in the fog. My advice is to be patient, and follow Doug & Linda’s advice in their posts. It works!”


“I am so thankful, yet bummed, that there are so many wonderful people who comment and share on this site to help us newbies. I hope to be a help to someone in the future and maybe like so many other social illnesses, blogs like this will help reduce infractions.”


“This blog has been a godsend and has helped save my sanity. Thank you all.”


“This site, and the great people posting, has been my source of inspiration …in marriage, in spouse, but mostly in myself.”


“This site, this forum, has helped me tremendously. It’s members truly want to heal and help each other. We have been like a small club where we want the best for each other but don’t want to be stuck in post-apocolyptic marriages. It’s been more than helpful – you all have been more than helpful.”


“I wish I had discovered this site 5 months ago. I think it would have reduced my pain by understanding the process earlier. Learning on my own, thinking. trying is just not very effective. Learning other’s experiences and mistakes help me and I will do the same for others.”


“I mean it when I say, I didn’t have a chance before this site. I was ready to end it all because to me, there were no answers to anything and I am so very exhausted. But I see things in a different light now.  This blog, and all the people within have given me words to express what I knew I couldn’t be the only person experiencing. I never could describe it. I just knew it was real. Bless you. I want to live again.”


“I am so thankful I started reading this site again.  Its been a year and I feel like we are at a stand still. My H doesn’t want to talk..just put it in the past. Just from reading these comments I know now what I need to do.”


“First, I want to thank you – your site has been a blessing for me as I work on recovering from my husband’s affair. I find your articles and the weekly discussions very helpful – that reminder that I’m not alone and that my choices, actions and thoughts post-discovery are perfectly normal in this process.”


“None of us want to be here—but like it or not we are! Without this EAJ community, I don’t know where I might be. I am very appreciative of everything I can learn from both sides, from CS’s and BS’s. I am always happy when a CS joins us here, as it improves my insight and shows yet another CS that really wants to learn, grow and contribute. I applaud you for your above comments and for having the willingness to put yourself on the line to help the rest of us.”


“My H has posted on here twice, but I want to encourage him to post more frequently for his own growth and to contribute back to a site that has offered us and many others, a lifeline at times.”


“I’d like to thank you two so much for this blog, it has been, by far, the most helpful thing I’ve come across on the internet and i think it’s maintaining my sanity at the moment.”


“I’ve met three wonderful women on this blog, that I feel I will always have in my life…friends that if not for this journey I would have never known, so I AM grateful that at this point in my life I’m finally seeing that there is more good that has come out of my H’s EA than bad…..and for that I will always be grateful…”


“Linda, I know this blog can be painful for you at times, but what you and Doug are doing has helped soooo many people!  I would have been lost without this blog…truly, genuinely lost!!”


“Today has been very difficult and I am grateful for this site and your comments.”


“Just wanted to post and let everyone know how much this site has meant to me over this past year.”


“Dear Linda and Doug, and everyone, My H and I are forever grateful for the generous sharing and support, information and inspiration on this site.”


“Thank you so much for this site. I am 5 days past D-day. Feeling horrible, can’t eat, sleep, or concentrate. I stumbled on this site and have been reading for hours. It makes me feel better knowing I am not going crazy.”


“Ultimately, I believe that is what is most beneficial about this site…the opportunity to broaden your perspective so that you can see more clearly.  It’s really hard to do alone.  I believe this is where Doug and Linda want to continue to take you.”


“This site can be your savior!”


“I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago and I can’t tell you all how grateful I am for all of the information I have read.”


“Thank you all for sharing your life, this site has helped tremendously. I have and will continue to pray for us all.”


“It has been a comfort to me to come to this site and read the comments.”


“This site has provided me a major release and I want to thank you all for allowing me to release this and get some great advice. THANK YOU!!”


“I love this site, and I’m proud of all my peers for their strength!”


“This site has been great! Thank you all for sharing.”


“Just found this site, wow! This would have been a great help to me 5 years ago when my 21 year marriage was ending.”


“Doug and Linda, again I say think you for what you have done with this site. I have learned so much by coming on here everyday. I am a happier and calmer and not an angry person anymore and I am nearing the stages of forgiveness.. what a wonderful feeling when I can honestly give myself that gift and my husband.”


“Thank goodness for everyone here and this site.”


“I stumbled on this site by accident, and I couldn’t stop reading.”


“Doug and Linda, you can’t have any idea how much this site has helped me and I want you both to know that! I’ve gone back read some of my posts and I cringe over the anger that I’ve expressed…but no one here judged me on it…and for that I’m very grateful.”


“In the beginning, it gave me a touch of sanity because I felt I was alone, but this site assured me that I wasn’t.”


“I appreciate you both so much.”


“I have made major changes in my life – much of it thanks to Doug and Linda and all the resources they have recommended (I now have an “affair library” at my house).”


“I attribute my success story to Doug and Linda’s story – Linda so honestly and completely explaining what she did and what worked and what didn’t, her recommendations of how she’d handle it if she had to do it all over gave me a map of how to act and handle things, i.e. don’t make any rash decisions, take care of myself (I went away with a friend for 3 days to the mountains after D-day); a few bouts of anger toward my H were okay but then calm talking is the way to go; do an about-face and back off and work on myself; recognize my contribution to the problems in my marriage (but take no blame for my H’s affair). Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Linda and Doug. And thank you, God, for helping me find this site so quickly after D-day.”


“What a wonderful blessing this site is for people trying to figure out yesterday, today and tomorrow.”


“I hope you and Linda know just how much this site has meant to me and others!! Thank you!”


“I am very thankful for this site and Doug and Linda’s courage in opening their hearts here, and helping all the hurt people that come here for some kind of guidance or just to give or to receive support in this very difficult job of healing.”


“I as well am VERY Thankful for this site!!! I am also Thankful for the Bloggers, on here.. I have been to so many sites and all you hear is “Dump Him” and so on, no one was helpful or kind…”


“I am thankful for this site and all the people who have helped one another heal from the crisis in our lives. We have all grown together.”


“I am very thankful for this website. It has helped me understand myself, my fears and my tears. I am especially thankful for Doug’s view and for Linda’s sharing. I don’t believe I would have made it as far as I am without them! I truly believe that this site has helped me save my marriage! Thanks you guys!!!!!”


“There are lots of very smart people on here who will help you.”


“I am glad to have found this site it has helped me a lot and to see that I am not the only one going through this.thanks for all your comments!”


“Hi, so first I just wanted to say thanks.. I am new to this site and have been devouring hundreds of posts nightly.. I spent the past month devouring the internet for facts, materials, buying books, but nothing seemed to quite match what I was going thru.. All the sites are dedicated to people already thru the fog or to divorce. This is for the people stuck right in the middle.. LIKE ME..”


“I’m so grateful for this site…it’s been my ‘therapy’.”


“I just want to say again that your site is a lifeline for those of us who have been thrown into the turbulent waters of infidelity. It is something I never saw coming….thanks again, you have taken your own painful situation and are making a difference in many lives.”


” I owe a BIG thank you to you for helping me get through this awful, painful, wonderful, empowering experience. I was finally able to look at all of this from a different perspective and I have forgiven him and asked him to please forgive himself. We are reconnected, caring, loving and there is no more blame and hurt only empathy and new growth.”


“I have been following this site for many months but never posted until last week. You and Doug have been a great help to me. Thank you.”


“What this site is for me is a way to deal with my thoughts in a rational prospective. We all hurt, we all get confused by our thoughts, we all struggle.  In here you don’t have to do it ALONE.”


“Linda – I still learn things every week from this site, I consider you and Doug dear friends even though we’ve never met in person — is that creepy??? LOL Your posts are always very insightful to me and help me so much.”


“Thank you so much for this site and your dedication to helping hundreds of other couples in similar situations. You guys have a special place in my heart for making a place like this available.”


“This site has been a powerful resource and I can not understate the value of what all the many writers have brought to these pages. The fact that three years into this, there are still wounds needing to heal for Linda and Doug is a sobering statement as to the work ahead for my wife and I. Thank you all.”


“I do want you to know that this blog not only saved my marriage, it also may have saved my life!”


“Long story short, I found this site and started working on healing myself and my marriage. Now, not only do I have hope, I KNOW that i have a better marriage and a better understanding of my self and my husband than ever before.”


“Linda and Doug, I believe that you two should be very proud of this site. Not only have you continually reminded us that you are not medical professionals and this is purely from your heart, you have provided all of us plenty of thought provoking information and assistance. You have gone out of your way to seek information from professionals, literature and even offered to bare your souls about your own trials and tribulations through your mentoring program.”


“I guess my two cents would be best summarized by saying – Linda and Doug – I am one who appreciates that you have opened up your most personal tragedy to the world. You have helped me realize that (1) I am not alone in my discovery; (2) the pain is real but will diminish in time; and (3) it’s people like you who deserve credit for trying to help others who don’t have any other place to turn for solace.  thank you from the bottom of my mending heart.”


“Thanks again, Doug and Linda for this site and your help for all of us. It is such a great place to seek guidance to try to move forward.”


“Thank you so much Doug and Linda for your site. Your encouraging words. Having a place to go and connect with others trying to recover in all our various stages. It has been so helpful to know I am not alone. I’ve been able to share my story and struggles, as this information has only been between my husband, a couple church leaders, and a marriage counselor. So thank you for the work you put into this site. I hope the blessings of heaven pour down on you both for your work and your marriage has an extra blessing.”


“My heart goes out to those who are in pain, a year ago, even three months ago I didn’t know if I would make it through the EA, this site and friend that I met thru here kept me going on my darkest of days.”


“I have been reading and attempting to make sense of everything I have experienced, learning so very much from this blog for longer than I can remember. I want to applaud the both of you as well as you’re insightful and generous readers/contributors.”


“Thank you Linda and Doug, for your help in getting me this far into my journey. I understand that by blogging, you are healing your way, and sharing those parts of your trial with us who are living it too. Using the great resources you have compiled and share, it is a tremendous asset.”


“Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for this website. I am the cheater. This site helps so much.”


“It has helped me so much to read through all of these posts. I find this site shortly after I discovered my husband’s emotional affair 6 months ago. As many others have already said, it seems as though you have written my story.”


“I am already so thankful for how open you have both been with your experience!”


“Thank you Doug and Linda for this site. It is helpful to know I am not alone.”


“I love referring people to this site because not only are Doug and Linda incredibly honest and transparent but all of the REAL people going through this are also baring themselves and it creates this “community” of sorts.”


“Two months since d-day. Down 15 pounds and aged 25 years. In therapy but I have to say a waste of money because I get more out of this blog then from a happy therapist who is happily married and has never been in a situation like this.”


“Linda, I cannot thank you enough for this website. I cannot imagine the strength you must possess to be able to do this for other people, to open yourself so honestly and revisit your pain in order to help others.”


“I am so grateful I can come to this site for support. Only if you have been there can you really understand.”


“I am so grateful for finding you and Linda and for your guidance and heartfelt thoughts.”


“This site was an amazing find & I am so grateful to be able to share my experience without being judged.”


“This website has been tremendous in helping both my husband and I improve our marriage after his emotional affair. Thank you both so much for your insightful blogs and for being a great source of comfort during our difficult time. I can honestly say our marriage is better than I could have ever imagined. Thanks again for willing to be so vulnerable in order to help others going through a similar situation!”


“Thank you for posting this Doug. It is amazing the insights you have. I also think it is amazing that Linda is also so very smart to have helped you through the EA. Both of you should be very proud of the work you have done!!!”


“We all see how far you and Doug have come. You inspire us all to look within ourselves and grow from this horrible experience. I know it is worth the time and effort spent to better ourselves and our relationships…Thank you both Linda and Doug, for opening up such a sensitive part of your lives to help us all grow and learn from this event in our lives.”


As you can see, this site has been an extremely valuable resource for many, many people who are in the same situation as you.  Become a member now to gain access to all the resources to help you on your own journey from infidelity.

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