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The Big Five: Gottman’s Communication Techniques to Talk about Infidelity

By Sarah P. It’s almost always a struggle for couples to communicate about topics that matter to one but not the other, especially if this topic references past hurts. Unfortunately, just talking about such heated topics can cause a fight. When marriage becomes one fight after another, most couples withdraw from hot topics. After all, […]

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Knowing the Affair is NOT Your Fault

Sadly, many (if not most) betrayed spouses blame themselves for their spouse’s affair.  I know I did at first.  It took me a long time to understand that Doug’s emotional affair was not my fault and that he was solely responsible for his actions.  Sure there were mistakes that I had made throughout our marriage […]

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Accepting the Past and My Emotional Affair

Linda’s post from yesterday was by coincidence quite timely.  I received an email yesterday from a former co-worker that the once-manager of our office was moving out of town, and that they were going to have a going away party for him.    Though I’ve known this person for probably 15 years and I like and […]

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The Emotional Affair Made Me Feel Worthless – Part 2

While writing this post my emotions took over and I began to feel the pain of all of this again.  I ran up to my little hiding place and had a melt down.  It is amazing how all the negative feelings can be released with a good cry. Of course Doug was confused and upset […]

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