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getting over an affair

Why Some Betrayed Spouses Have a Hard Time Getting Over an Affair

Do you sometimes feel as though getting over an affair and releasing the anger and hurt is just a dream? We recently came across this article that was written by a former betrayed spouse.  It demonstrates how the wayward and betrayed spouses can have differing perceptions of what the truth actually is, which in turn […]

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getting over an affair

Getting Over an Affair With Focusing

I imagine that almost every betrayed spouse has heard the words “get over it” or “move on” since discovering their partner’s infidelity.  We do indeed talk a lot about “getting over an affair,” but it occurred to me that perhaps we have never really defined just exactly what that means. It certainly means different things […]

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getting over an affair

Getting Over an Affair – Doing Work

As Doug and I have embarked on this journey there has been many times where I have been awakened.  There have been times when the confusion of getting over an affair has opened up to clarity and the pain of the affair decreased.  There were times when I was able to look forward with optimism […]

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Discussion: What Are Your Greatest Struggles After the Affair?

Hello everyone! Getting over an affair is a struggle. It’s a struggle with respect to how you approach the wayward spouse, and it’s a struggle with respect to how you approach and manage your emotions. Our discussion for this week centers on your struggles…What are your greatest struggles at the moment with respect to the […]

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Getting Over an Affair: Stop the Comparisons

My computer crashed July 4th and I had several tabs open for sites that I frequent.  In order to find them again I looked in the history to bring them back up and noticed that there were a couple of sites that had been opened that were Tanya’s –her Facebook  account and her work site.  […]

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Getting Over an Affair: Dealing with Triggers

There is no doubt that getting over an affair is difficult.  Even after the apologies and the forgiveness that follows, it can be a tough thing to live through.  In our situation, what causes the problems most of the time are the “triggers” that Linda sees, hears or thinks about that cause memories to coming […]

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Why Do We Try to Save Our Marriage?

As I was reading the responses to last week’s open discussion on how some of you reacted when you found out about your spouse’s affair, was in some ways very comforting and in other ways it was upsetting to me. It was comforting in that I realized I was not alone. Everyone appeared to have […]

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3 Tips to Help You Heal From an Affair

When you first learn about an affair, it is completely devastating. I’m sure that many emotions ran through your head like anger, grief, frustration, a total loss of self-esteem and that you’re world has been totally ripped apart. From our own experience we can tell you that getting over an affair takes time, dedication from […]

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