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Our 1000th Post!

We’ve reached a bit of a milestone here at Emotional Affair Journey… This is post number 1000! Almost 6 years.  About 800,000 words.  Over 33,000 comments.  Over 6 million page views.  Wow! Who da thunk it? Never in a million years did we think we’d still have this site after almost 6 years.  And to […]

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Top Emotional Affair Journey Posts

Top Emotional Affair Journey Posts, Searches, Stats and More

Occasionally I like to look at the stats of our blog to get a snapshot of what’s going on from a readership standpoint and to determine if there are any technical issues that need to be addressed or if there are any updates that need to be done, etc. One of the things I like […]

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A Little Journey Towards Affair Recovery and Healing

I can remember it like it was yesterday… It was just after 2:00 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. Something Doug said earlier that evening just didn’t sit right with me. He’d also been acting quite strange lately. I had a gnawing feeling in my gut that something just wasn’t right. I quietly slipped […]

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emotional affair journey survey

The Results from the Emotional Affair Journey Reader Survey

We wanted to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our most recent survey.  There are always some interesting takeaways (interpretations) when we do these things and this one didn’t disappoint. We’re not going to address every question, but will touch on the ones we thought you’d be most interested in. Even so, […]

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The 2013 Emotional Affair Journey Comprehensive Reader Survey

Impressive title, eh?  (Maybe not so much) Every now and then we like to take the pulse of the readers by taking a reader survey. So this week, in lieu of a discussion topic, we’d appreciate it very much if you could help us out and take this 38-question survey. We know, that seems like […]

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Our Latest Survey Results

Here are the results of the survey we published last week.  I can’t really say that there were any Earth-shattering surprises, though I still feel that the results are interesting and we can possibly make some further assumptions or takeaways from the results. We’d be interested in hearing any comments you might have regarding the […]

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emotional affair

Welcome to Our Journey From an Emotional Affair!

Hi!  We’re Linda and Doug and the purpose of this site is to share our story in the hopes that it will help those who are suffering, or have suffered from an emotional affair – or any type of affair for that matter.  What may be unique about this blog, is that we will share […]

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Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

  It’s here!  We’re very excited today to share with you our first real e-book, which was written specifically with the Emotional Affair Journey community in mind. The roots of Journey to Trust:  Rebuilding Trust After an Affair literally go back several months ago when we decided it was time that someone created a specific […]

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Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust After an Affair (it’s coming…)

After  a lot of hard work and navigating through loads of technical stuff, we’re happy to let you all know that our new e-book, Journey to Trust:  Rebuilding Trust After an Affair is just about ready. We’re just putting the finishing touches on the book and the associated website and at this point we plan […]

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The Emotional Affair Journey Handbook

We’re happy to be able to offer our first e-book, “The Emotional Affair Journey Handbook” — it’s a series of our best articles on various aspects of healing and recovery from marital affairs, as well as how to save your marriage. In addition, the first chapter is the complete untold account of how Doug’s emotional […]

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