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save your marriage

Save Your Marriage by Saving Yourself

One of the benefits of this site is to read and learn from the experiences of others who have walked in your shoes. Hopefully, you all read the comments as we feel that that is where some of the best advice can be found. This post addresses how it may be appropriate to work more […]

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distraught woman

The Problem with Believing the Cheater’s Stories

How the fantasy of the affair affected the way I dealt with the information Doug gave me during his emotional affair. In case you were not aware, we are making it a regular Monday feature to re-run many of our older posts and/or comments.  Most will be especially appropriate and hopefully helpful to those of […]

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fantasy of the affair

Eliminating the Fantasy of the Affair

Continuing with our Monday post-reruns… Here is one from Nov 18, 2010 where Linda shares her concern about what would happen if I ran into my affair partner (Tanya) in the future.  Would the affair start up again? She goes on to share her belief that the only way for that not to be an […]

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revenge after the affair

How to Handle Your Urge for Revenge After an Affair

When you discover that your partner has had (or is having) an emotional affair, you’re flooded with feelings. Even if you think you are only numb, below the surface are many different, and sometimes conflicting, emotions.  Some of those emotions may include the following: grief fear sadness anxiety nervousness insecurity vulnerability And you’re probably also […]

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crazy things

Discussion – The Crazy Things You’ve Done After the Affair

When on the emotional roller coaster that comes with infidelity, one can do some crazy things.  Not necessarily crazy bad – like firing a gun at the cheater – but more like crazy stupid or perhaps even crazy funny. So let’s try to lighten things up just a bit this week and take a few […]

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how to survive an affair if you're the cheater

After the Affair – I Want More

Hey everybody!  Since it’s Linda and the girl’s spring break, we’re going to take a little time off and head to the mountains for a little R&R.  I’m sure we’ll be checking in periodically but we didn’t think we would feel much like posting anything new.  So…Here is a post that was originally run back […]

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healing your self

Eight Activities for Healing Your Self

Many people feel like they have lost themselves during their marriage, and I think that can especially be true in the aftermath of an affair.  If your goal is to create a new marriage after the affair then you have to feel good inside.  Hopefully, some of that goodness will come via your spouse and […]

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revenge after the affair

Cheating in a Relationship – Should the Other Person Be Confronted?

Today we have another guest post from Mary C. where she delves into situations when the affair partner should be confronted after there was cheating in a relationship. Once again, I may refer to the other person as a woman. It’s only because I am a woman and other women are what I had to […]

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emotional affair

How the Cheater Can Deal with Triggers

This is a guest post by Sara K. on how the cheater can deal with triggers caused by the memories of their affair. It may surprise the spouse but it is nearly impossible for a day to go by that a Cheater doesn’t for even the briefest of moments, think back to D-Day. For many […]

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Discussion – What Do You Fear Most?

Hello Everyone! Regardless of whether you are a cheater or the hurt spouse, after the affair you are probably living in fear. Consider the following description of fear: “Fear is an emotional & physiological reaction we feel based on imagining events which have not even happened.” And as was written in an earlier post on […]

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