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emotional adultery

The Trauma After Emotional Adultery

Last week we had the unique opportunity to interview Gary and Mona Shriver who are the authors of the book “Unfaithful:  Hope and Healing After Infidelity.” Their book contains so much information on how to heal from infidelity.  The book is so special because it discusses their own struggle with healing from infidelity within their […]

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Tracking Your Thoughts After the Affair

Who am I?

Last week for the Affair Recovery Group we did a session on obsessing about the other person.  I admit I am still struggling with this and am often frustrated that I can’t stop.  I was not sure why this was still an issue until therapist Jeff Murrah provided some insight that really made me think. […]

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talking about the emotional affair

Talking About the Emotional Affair Still Stirs Up Past Pain

Every week, Doug, Jeff Murrah and I engage in a discussion for our Affair Recovery Group about a particular issue concerning affair recovery.  Each session has been so helpful and informative, and I feel I have gained so much insight to the point that it has helped my recovery tremendously. However, as enlightening as it […]

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forgiving the emotional affair

My Process for Forgiving the Emotional Affair

Linda shares her process for forgiving Doug after his affair. Recently,  Doug and I recorded a session for the Affair Recovery Group where we wrapped up the topic of forgiveness after the affair by sharing some of our own experiences and opinions with respect to this very important topic. A question came up where I […]

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dealing with infidelity

Cheaters Play By Their Own Rules During an Emotional Affair

During one of our recent Affair Recovery Group sessions we discussed how the cheaters have their own story and play by their own rules.  They do not act in ways that would be categorized as typical human behavior.  I believe they feel very little guilt and do not have much concern for the implications of […]

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emotional affair fantasy

An Emotional Affair Lacks a Strong Bond

I’m so glad that we have started the Affair Recovery Group.  I have gained so much knowledge and insight from our discussions with Jeff Murrah, that everyday I feel lighter and more free.  It’s been another dose of therapy for me on a weekly basis. Recently, we touched upon the bonding experience that is often […]

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affair fantasy

The Fantasy, Role Playing and the Playbook

All affairs begin as a fantasy.  During our Affair Recovery Group, Jeff Murrah stated that even one night stands begin with the person thinking (fantasizing) about what it would be like to have a sexual encounter with another person.  When the cheater begins either an emotional or physical affair they have ready made assumptions about […]

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cheating spouse

Deciphering the Cheating Spouse’s Stories

I look back on how I misinterpreted so much of the information from the affair and how this information really affected me. Much of the time I was way off-base. We have been hitting on a lot of great information during our Affair Recovery Group sessions.  Our last session on fantasies was especially valuable for […]

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I’m Finished Competing With The Emotional Affair

Last week I wrote a post about romanticizing the affair and the affair partner.  I know that during our affair recovery there was so much focus and discussion about the dynamics of Doug’s emotional affair, what was happening during their relationship, what needs were being met by Tanya, etc. I know that many experts recommend […]

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recovering from an affair

Affair Recovery and My First Experience With a Therapist

Recovering from an affair is a long and painful experience with many ups and downs.  Most betrayed spouses want the pain and memories to go away and often we put a time limit on how long our affair recovery should take. I know that in my situation, it has been two years since our D-day […]

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