A woman apparently felt her affair was hidden safely in her phone, but another person witnessed the infidelity and decided to do something about it.

We came across a story that has recently gone viral and wanted to run it past you guys to get your opinions and perhaps spark some conversation.

Here’s the story…

At a recent Detroit Lions football game on Thanksgiving Day, an obviously-pregnant woman was sitting with someone who appeared to be her boyfriend/husband. A man seated behind them noticed that the woman was texting some other guy named “Jason” during much of the game.

Every time her significant other turned to her, she either hid or shut off her phone in order to shield her alleged infidelity.

This is according to a guy named “Lye”, who noticed that the woman was texting things to “Jason” such as, “I wish I were with you instead” and “I will see you as soon as I’m done with him.”

Needless to say, “Lye,” who some are calling a Good Samaritan, decided that he just had to do something about it.


In order to allow the woman as much common courtesy as humanly possible, he wrote a note and took a picture of it. He then approached the unknowing man as he was leaving the stadium and told him to open it as soon as he got home.

The note started by saying, “Hey bro, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. When you get home check your girl’s phone.” He then went on to detail how the man’s pregnant significant other had “been texting ‘Jason’ saying she wishes she was with him all day!”

Here’s a picture that depicts the scene, along with the note…

If you see someone cheating should you rat them out

Then he posted it all on Facebook for the world to see.

He later decided to make a follow up entry on MadWorldNews.com that somewhat explained his reasoning…

Just to clear up a few things since people seem to want to know. The main reason I even decided to pay attention to this “lady” was because she had said something that irritated me and everyone else around us. The guy behind her said “wow for the price they charge for fries here that’s pretty small, they barely give you anything” and she replied out loud “it’s okay, I’m use to small things ” right in front of her man and the rest of us. Everyone was shocked and embarrassed for her man including the guy who made the comment about her fries. That’s what really ticked me off, also that’s how she brought the attention to herself. That is the main reason I believe I went out of my way to do what i did, it just irritated me and I felt bad for this guy (mind you I was a little tipsy, I had been tailgating since 9am ;).

Apparently Lye has been experiencing some serious social media criticism for butting in; some saying that he may have placed the woman in danger if her boyfriend is abusive. That said, there are just as many – if not more – who are saying he did the right thing.

So, what do you think – did this man do the right thing or was it none of his business? Let us know in the comment section below.


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    • Tryinghard

      Good for him! He’s brave.

    • gizfield

      I think it’s fine. Whoring when you are pregnant is especially heinous. The girl may be trying to take the boyfriend for a ride, financially. Thathappened to my nephew. They get the guy attached to the baby then bleed them dry while running around with someone else.happens all the ride.

    • gizfield

      Oh, and by the way, a “battered woman ” would not act this way. Ask me how I know. You keep your mouth shut, especially in public.

    • TryingHard

      I’m really angry at a woman who worked for my husband for years and knew me very well. I helped her when she was having her children. I gave baby gifts to her. Bought school supplies for her kids because I knew they were struggling. She saw what was going on. So did her assistant. She could have should have told me or at the very least sent an anonymous letter to me. I know for a fact from other guys who worked here that my H and the OW were constantly talked about and that while they were never caught red handed, people knew. And my son even said he saw the OW flirting and going after my H but didn’t think his father was low enough to fall for it. HE didn’t ever say a word to me about her antics. Weird!!! Now why didn’t someone have the balls to let me know? These people know me. Pissed me off and still pisses me off.

      You know, you may think people are your friends, but trust me most are not. They are only out for themselves. No one cares. At least this guy cared about a total stranger being played for a fool and put himself in that guys position. I wish I had more people like him in my life and less selfish ones.

      This woman doesn’t work for us anymore, and had worked for us for years, because of the OW. She hated her and thought she was incompetent, because SHE WAS!! Even after she left she never had the courage to tell me. They may think they are being al honorable, but if she didn’t know me very well I could see. I thought she was my friend. I was wrong. I’ve been wrong about a lot though!

      • Broken2

        Trying…I think we are all the last to know. I am of the mindset that we deserve to know, we all have a right to live our own lives in truth. I read the story about the guy at the Lions game when it came out and I applaud him for having guts to do the right thing especially with a baby on the way.
        I know they all knew at my hubby work about him and the coworker. I thought it very strange that after I found out we were no longer invited to anything that involved work friends. I remember a day when I went to my hubby work and brought him lunch. Thought we could have a little picnic in his office. First off my husband was furious with with me when I called him from his office and he was out to lunch with the “guys” and other work buds came in and out of his office very concerned with me being there. I was blind back then but they all knew where he was. Offices are a hotbed of gossip so they all knew, many were my friends too, not one had the guts to tell me. That just adds to what a fool you feel like when you do find out.

        • TryingHard


          OK so they are all scrambling around and trying to cover for him because you are there, being kind, bringing lunch to his office, doing the right thing, at his office where HE is supposed to be and instead he is off with the OW, and none of those pantie waists thought “this is bullshit, someone needs to tell her?” UGH makes me sick!

          Well you know what, Karma’s a bitch and I hope when it comes and bites them in the ass, they will remember what assholes they were and their lousy treatment of you.

          • Broken2

            Yup they were ….when I think back on it, it is funny. They were all so nervous. I do miss being included and all but none of them are the kind of friends I want or need. Many are long gone as well from the office.

            Antiskank…I feel bad for the guy as well.

    • antiskank

      I feel so bad for this poor guy, thinking he is out sharing a fun day with his true love, happy over the impending arrival of their child – what a wonderful bonding moment!

      I wish there were more people willing to stand up and expose bad behaviour. That is the only way to stop it!

      Likewise, everyone at my CS office was gossiping about the time that he and his AP were spending together during the day, often alone in their little “love nest” – a tiny, cosy area of his office. I would bring him lunch, dinner, stop by to drop him off, pick him up, call him during the day. One of his coworkers was a friend that would come to our house on weekends for breakfast, invite me in to the office to see pictures of his hunting trips, talk to me about many things. I could never figure out why all that stopped. Now I know it was because he knew what was going on but didn’t tell me and didn’t tell my CS to stop it!

      After I found out about the EA, several people from his office would seek me out to tell me that they thought it was awful to treat me that way. Why didn’t they do it sooner?

      • Broken2

        I know where were they when you really needed them. People are cowards. Office dynamics are ripe for affairs.

    • exercisegrace

      I applaud this man for telling. Not only does he deserve to know for his own sanity, he deserves to know for the health of his (I assume it’s his??) unborn child. My husband’s whore lied to him about having HPV, but confessed towards the end of the affair. He still had sex with her a few times after that, claiming he was certain that now our marriage would be over when I found out what he had exposed me to.

      When people cheat, they aren’t just hurting our feelings and betraying us. They are risking our LIVES. Had I been pregnant while he was cheating, I would be enraged at the risk to my child’s life. HPV causes many types of cancer. My ob/gyn said that in his opinion, it’s the worst STD you can get because there is no cure for it, it spreads and it causes cancer.

      Kudos to this man. In my opinion, excuses for NOT telling someone are just that. EXCUSES. Sorry, pathetic reasons that protect NO ONE but the person who doesn’t want to man up and do the right thing.

      • theresa

        I’ll start by saying I think he did the right thing. I’m in the do tell camp.

        However, would his righteous indignation compel him to tell if the BS was the female and the cheater was the male of the species.

        How much easier is it for the anonymous informer?
        I feel the term courage applies to the concerned when there is a more personal relationship to one of the partners. There is a lot of fallout with this kind of situation.
        Sometimes the messenger does get shot.

        • exercisegrace

          That’s an interesting question. There really does seem to be more cultural acceptance of male promiscuity, all the way around. The “boys will be boys” mentality starts very young and apparently extends to cheating after marriage.

          You are right that it would be MUCH harder to confront someone with whom you have a close personal relationship. But having been through the ugliness of infidelity, I would tell the spouse who was being betrayed. Even if that meant losing a relationship. I find I have much firmer boundaries than I used to, and far less tolerance of adulterous behavior. If a family member or friend cut off the relationship because of truth? It’s probably not a healthy relationship or one I need/want to be in anyway.

    • Shifting Impressions

      I wouldn’t approach a stranger in that manner…….not knowing all the facts could lead to all sorts of complications. If it was a friend I do believe I would talk to them. I would much rather know than be kept in the dark.

    • Lynsey

      People are less apt to be accountable for themselves anymore, so telling is good. I also think the guy was right in telling. If more people spoke up about cheating, it may become less “acceptable.” The same is true for all types of injustices; when they are pointed out, the world could be a better place.

    • BeckyB2

      The title ratting out a sewer rat would have been perhaps a more appropriate title. A gold star for the guy using his morals.Totally a lowlife to be pregnant out at the game with SO and cheating hmm how low can anyone go? I am not a cheater so I don’t get it, thank God !

    • Strengthrequired

      I’m glad someone told this poor guy, he needs to know and have the chance to find out if the baby is actually his, before he raises some other guys baby, thinking it is his.
      Also, who wouldn’t want to know, that there is a chance he could catch some dtd, because his partner is cheating. I hate how these cheaters put our life at risk, so carelessly.

      I saw an old friend yesterday, haven’t seen him in years, he happened to see my h too, the night before. Well he saw my h after he saw me, and told him how I was so stressed, and how I need vitamins to help me, and that my hormones are all over the place. Little does he know the cause of my stress. Yet how funny that he seems to think it is because of my age, and that it is hormonal. Typical.

    • theresa

      I have not been placed in a situation where I would be the bearer of bad tidings. I have had to reevaluate so many of my beliefs and “requirements”. I no longer preach absolutes and dogmas to myself. Today, right now, my inclination would be to tell, because I would want to be told.
      Even if this topic had been discussed with family and friends, when faced with the reality, life may have altered my perspectives, their perspectives.
      The absolute may have been, I would definitely want to know. I would be grateful to the person that has been watching out for me. I would never forgive. It would be over. I would let the world know, I’d put his face up on the big screen in Times Square.
      Needless to say I’ve changed my tune.
      Have any of you been put in this unenviable position?

    • SoManyTears

      This is how I found out about my husband’s affair and thank God for the person that told me. The neighbor woman had her nephew, age 10, staying with her. He found her phone and was looking through it trying to find a game to play. Instead he found endearing texts and pictures of my husband’s penis. He told his mom and she told me. Immediately, I confronted both of them, but since I hadn’t seen anything, they said the boy was mistaken and the mother of the boy was hateful…just “starting shit”. Then my husband proceeded to call his family and friends to tell them about the “nonsense”. I fell for it. A whole month went by before I accidentally saw a text, while teaching my husband to forward a Utube video to his brother. I remembered that the woman who told me suggested I look at my phone records, if I didn’t believe her, so that’s just what I did. I found over 43,000 text, hundreds of phone calls and many, many pictures sent and recieved. I have been devastated. My marriage was one of the few where nothing was wrong…we BOTH agree. I have since found out that, over the past 39 years, (we’ve been married for almost 11) my husband has cheated with this SAME woman in many of his relationships. Her husband passed away and she had only moved back, from out of state, 2 years before the affair. Lucky me, she moved just 3 blocks away. My husband wants to stay married. The woman now has stage 4 bone cancer. I will forever be grateful for being told! Yes, it broke my heart, but the secret is out!

    • CBb

      I was lucky enough to have a friend tell me about a guy I was madly in love with. He was a serial cheater (unbeknownst to me). She took a risk and I was smart enough to believe her. I just ended the relationship right then and there. No questions asked. I also know most people will kill the messenger rather than believe what they have just been told about their husband/lover/partner etc.

      I wish there were more people like the football guy who had the guts and courage.

      Believe it or not but the OW writes all these tweets and blogs about how wronged she was and fooled by my H who had a mid life crisis and dated a much younger woman. She thought they would end up together. When he ended it with her she was devastated.

      She was ready to move into my place as his next wife. As if!

      My theory – I will tell you straight up every time. Don’t do the crime if you ain’t prepared to face the music. I found out about my CH’s affair from the OW! I called her. I thought he was having a breakdown he was acting so crazy. He swore they were over but they were not.

      Live and learn. That guy rocks!

    • Just a Thought

      So if the pregnant lady had rubbed her “husband” suggestively, pouted, smiled, and purred, “I know, and I’m so used to really big things,” would the tattle tail coward (too frightened to confront the lady) have held his peace?

      The non-logic of some people never ceases to amaze me.

      Moving forward, I vote “No.” on exposing a supposed affair.Too often, people make ridiculous presumptions about other people’s relationships.

      Their “revelations” are NOT intended to “help” the alleged wrong spouse but to provide the “informant” with a sense of power and importance. At least the jerk in the article had the stones to confess his true motivation (instant dislike for the allegedly unfaithful lady due to a random comment) and not any genuine sense of civic duty or justice.

      Finally, what kind of loser snoops another person’s text messages? Especially a total stranger? He was probably trying to look down the chick’s blouse so he could perve on her or something.

      Grow up and mind your own business. If that’s not a feasible option, at least think about how you might feel if you or someone you know was “ratted out” as an alleged affair partner. What if you were entirely innocent? Just the accusation can create stigma and awkwardness in a relationship. While that may appeal to weak ignorant people without control over their lives, it holds no charms for me whatsoever.

      If common decency and discretion aren’t sufficient motivation, just imagine getting slappeed with a defamation lawsuit (or libel, if you resort to written or media “exposure”.) It doesn’t even matter if the alleged affair is actual in fact, if you can be proved to harm or damage a private citizen’s life, you may be civilly liable for your actions.

      • Longwalk

        Not only was “Lye” way out of line, he compounded it by re-sharing what he had done online.

        Had he been acquainted with either of them, it would be a different story.But he didn’t. Moreover, he apparently could not resist the urge to brag to the entire world ab out his “righteous” actions.

        I am not in any way defending this woman. Lye’s behavior doesn’t even move the needle of the Morality-of-Indiscretion Richter Scale, when compared with this woman. But that still doesn’t make what he did right.

    • Angela

      I came to find this article, having read it previously, hoping I could get some insight about a situation next door.

      The woman who lives there is about 23yo, divorced, and has a 1.5yo son.

      There is an older couple who help look out for her and the child, spending holiday time, etc with them, as they were formerly friends and neighbors before the young woman moved here with the child.

      The older woman is a long-haul driver and gone much of the time, while the man and the young woman are having an affair. She just walked by me to their door as I sit here typing this, having just come off another 7-8 day road trip. She has no idea what’s going on there and is being treated to her face “respectfully” in the home of her husband’s GF. She is a wonderful lady with a genuinely great personality and pretty darn good looking, and incredibly kind and sweet, considering her profession would leave most women kind of rough around the edges.

      I really want to say something because watching this situation for months now sickens me. My only fear is that she will reveal WHERE she got the information and leave me in a pickle with someone I have to live next to. Any suggestions?

    • Justin

      I don’t understand the “It’s none of my business” crowd on this issue. I am very much a live and let live guy but in this instance I would feel a moral obligation to tell on anyone whom I felt was engaging in this behavior.

      People have an absolute right to make informed decisions about their closest relationships. Cheating is toxic and wrong. Beyond that it is a heath and safety issue, as untreated STDs can cause a whole host of issues, some of these can be potentially deadly. HPV can lead to cervical cancer, hepatitis can destroy your liver and HIV can kill you in many ways if left untreated. Even the very treatable ones such as chlamydia can cause permanent infertility.

      Also I put myself in the partners position. If this were happening to me I would be eternally grateful to anyone who provided me such information. In fact this did happen to me in a relationship in my younger days. My girlfriend whom I intended to marry felt the need to have sex with a former boyfriend on a trip. Her friend immediately ratted her out to me and I am to this day thankful.. Although it was painful at the time, it saved me potential years of wasted time on a morally compromised love interest.

      Ya all need to tell people.

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