Since today is Labor Day, we decided to take a long weekend and spend some time together as a family before Linda’s summer ends and she has to go back to her job as a teacher.  She truly hates this time of year, but I guess I would too if I were in her shoes.  Therefore, today we have a guest post from one of our readers that deals with change and moving on–whether it’s from an emotional affair or from a  job you hate.

Have a great day!

Here is the post:

Many people spend moments in their day searching online for quotes they find meaning in.  This isn’t a new phenomenon; humans have appreciated words of wisdom and knowledge forever.  Somehow, finding a quote that strikes a chord within you is similar to commiserating with a good friend.  In our darkest moments we may feel totally alone in the world.  Finding a quote written voiced by someone else reaffirms for us that we are not alone in our feelings.  When someone has felt the way we are feeling we somehow accept our emotions a bit easier.

Seeking change within our own lives is pivotal in creating the happiness and peace of mind that we all long for.  In our early years, we run full steam ahead into every adventure placed in front of us.  Many times, in the excitement of the moment, it’s difficult to stop and truly appreciate the moment that we are living in.  Therein lays the answer to the difficulty that appears in our life down the road.  One day we slow down enough to examine what our life is truly about and we become confused.  Suddenly we realize that life isn’t about the fancy cars, the big house, and the importance we place on the perception of others.  This is the moment that we begin our quest towards individual peace.

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Quotes about moving on with our emotions and our lives become very meaningful to us at this stage.  Taking the time to think about our lives from a different perspective helps to guide us in the direction we are seeking.  Of the most importance during this phase of our lives is our ability to examine the part that we, ourselves, have played in reaching the point at which we’ve arrived.  Without analyzing ourselves and taking responsibility for our choices, we remain rooted in the past.  Accepting our past by moving freely into the present is our goal.  Truly being present in each moment of our day should be our focus.

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    • Jeffrey Murrah

      “You have to have faith in yourself, to be able to think critically, to be an independent human being, a human being and not a sheep. To achieve that, to learn “the art of living and of dying” take a lot of effort, practice, patience. Like any other skill, it has to be learned.” -Erich Fromm

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