Hello everyone!

I know it’s discussion day, but we’re going to change things up a bit this week.

Instead of a discussion, we wanted to ask you all to participate in a survey if possible.

It’s been a while since we’ve done this but since our readership tends to change and evolve over time, we thought it was time to conduct one again. We put together this survey based on some questions we’ve utilized in previous surveys, along with some questions adapted from the Survey on Extramarital Affairs that was conducted by author Peggy Vaughan (The Monogamy Myth) several years ago.

We would really appreciate it if you would please help us out and complete the survey below, and in the near future (probably next week) we will report the results back to you along with any interesting findings.

There are 34 questions, so be sure to use the slider bar on the right side of the survey box to scroll down to answer all the questions. Thanks!

Linda & Doug

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    2 replies to "Please Take Our Latest Reader Survey"

    • tsd

      I had no link to survey…where do I find it?

      • Doug

        Hey TSD, It’s embedded in the post itself below our names.

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