Molly Chanson’s husband had an affair. Her marriage didn’t survive – but she sure did!

Molly Chanson

By Doug

Molly Chanson suspected her husband was having an affair, but she had him on such a pedestal, she brushed her intuition off as crazy.

She soon discovered that her husband of 10 years was having an affair with a woman he loved. The reality was crushing, yet it opened her up to strength and resilience she didn’t know she had.

I had the privilege of interviewing Molly recently where we delved a bit into her experiences and how she was able to heal with the help of yoga, therapy and other forms of self-care.

You can listen to our interview below in MP3 format. It’s about 41 minutes in length.

If you prefer to read, here is a link to a transcription of our conversation:  Molly Chanson Interview


Listen to the Interview:


Unfortunately, Molly’s marriage didn’t survive – but she sure did. 

Molly says on her site, “When my marriage crumbled I was lost. But often it takes something spectacular to force us out of our comfort zone. My yoga practice created sacred space for me to heal, and to have the courage to share my story and experience on this blog, so that others can do the same…The journey into self-discovery takes grit and discipline, but it’s worth it, and we are all in this together.”

You can read more about Molly and her healing journey at

Please share your experiences, success stories, struggles, etc. below in the comment section.  Thanks!


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    2 replies to "Healing from an Affair and Self-Care – An Interview with Molly Chanson"

    • Shifting Impressions

      Thanks for the interview… was great. I agree with Molly about journaling your feelings. It’s a relief to sometimes pour it all out…..all the pain, the grief and the disappointment. I do go back every once in awhile and reread several of my postS. It helps me to see how far we have come and also areas that could still use some help.

    • Zeljka

      My story. I found out after 33 years of marriage my beautiful man had affair in Thialand with young girl. To this day since January 2023 he still thinks that I am crazy. This is hurt me so much that I went crazy I barracked him one day bit not hurt him police took me away. It is absouletly torcher on my brain. He still keeps in contact with her going to thialand on holiday and just do not fell remorce. He still saying was my fault.

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