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My Christmas Wish To YOU

By Catherine Pulsifer

If I could wish a wish for you,
it would be for peace, faith, and happiness
not only at Christmas,
but for the whole year through!

I wish that there always be food on your table.
That you always give to those less fortunate.
May you always take time to share,
and thank those who have blessed you.

I wish for time, so you may reflect
on the blessings that you have,
and that you express your love
to those who are dear to you.

May you never feel lonely,
because there are those who care.
That you realize: you are special,
you are unique, you make a difference,
not only at Christmas, but all year!

I wish for your thoughts to be positive ones,
that you never quit, that you never give up,
and that you continue to learn.

I wish for the love, and peace of God,
to be yours always.


We wish you all a happy and blessed holiday season!

Linda & Doug



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    2 replies to "Merry Christmas!"

    • Patsy50

      Happy Holidays Linda and Doug???? And to everyone on this site may you find peace in your heart this new year

    • Sarah P.

      What a lovely poem! I wish all readers and subscribers a Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Hanukkah!

      I hope wish all of you much health, love and wholeness in the coming year and beyond.

      Never forget that to the world you might only be one person, but to one person you might be the whole world.

      Each of you are important to me and I sincerely wish each of you to know how valuable and important you are.

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