A while back we purchased Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel and what follows is our review of the program along with an explanation of all that is included.

marriage fitness by mort fertelWe have been receiving many requests to review books and programs as this site gains in popularity, and one of those that has come across our desk is from Mort Fertel and his Marriage Fitness program.

Mort Fertel is an authority on the psychology of relationships and has an international reputation for saving marriages. He has been a featured expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the Fox News Network, and is also a frequent guest on talk radio programs.


Mort’s Marriage Fitness program has been around a long time, so Linda and I signed up for the free newsletter which also offered a link to some free marriage assessments. “OK, we’ll give it a try” we thought, then we proceeded to answer a few questions about how we prioritize our relationships with each other, etc.

We knew where it was headed, but this assessment was very useful because we saw ways that we could improve while we were taking it.

He also had assessments on fidelity, knowledge of your spouse, giving patterns, and decision making. All are very useful tools that helped us look more objectively at our relationship, especially in light of the situation we have been going through the last several months. So it was well worth the time and effort.

The free newsletter is full of useful information

The newsletter continued to have some very well thought out, useful material which we continued receiving for some time. And you never get any hard-nosed sales pitch or anything like that, which is great. He does of course offer some programs for sale on his site, but we’re always a little skeptical when it comes to the “Save Your Marriage” programs that are out there, and we don’t want to just recommend anything that’s not worth a darn.

We also had a false preconceived notion that this program would only be something for couples near the brink of divorce, the really tough cases. So we went ahead and sent away for the “Marriage Fitness Home Flex” program.

Fix Your Marriage

We were proved wrong. We were immediately surprised at some of the really good advice to improve our relationship. The thing we remember most clearly was that his advice was full of really basic things that we should all be doing to maintain good relationships with our spouse; yet at the same time, they are the things we sometimes forget to do. These things can lead to unfortunate situations down the road if not applied.

For those who are in crisis…

There are also programs for folks who are in crisis mode (like as a result of an affair for instance) whose marriages are on the brink. They are offered for use by either one spouse or as a couple. Keep in mind that these are “programs” which generally provide a process for one to follow to be effective.

They are not magic cure-alls for someone who is not willing to work or put forth any honest effort. So if your relationship is in desperate need of help, these programs might be the way to go. But don’t take our word for it.

To get started you’ll want to sign up for the free newsletter which will touch on the following subjects among others:

  • I love you but I’m not IN LOVE with you.” An analysis and a solution.
  • How to change your marriage even when your spouse doesn’t want to.
  • How to get your spouse to change.
  • How to forgive and be forgiven.
  • How do you know when to quit?
  • Analysis Paralysis: How to unstuck your marriage
  • How to end a separation.
  • How to stop a divorce.
  • How to end an affair and reconnect at home.
  • How to heal your spouse’s hurt and get them to give you another chance.
  • How to talk so your spouse listens and listen so your spouse talks.
  • How to get over your past (and past your hurt)
  • How to protect your children from your marriage problems
  • How to know if your marriage will survive.
  • How to increase your marriage IQ.
  • How to get your spouse to STOP.
  • How to restore honor and dignity to your relationship
  • How to heal old wounds in your marriage
  • How to say “I’m sorry.”

You get all this information and more for free – plus 5 relationship profile assessments.

Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel – Home Flex Program

Marriage Fitness by Mort FertelNow, with the Home Flex program that we wound up getting, you get a ton of stuff:

  • A Complete 15 CD Audio Learning System
  • A 1-on-1 Private Session with Mort Fertel
  • The Complete Marriage Fitness Workbook & Personal Journal
  • 3 Open-Mic Q&A Teleconferences
  • An Autograph Copy of Marriage Fitness
  • 7 Tele-Seminars
  • 7 “Homework” Assignments
  • A Complete 7-Week Implementation Schedule
  • 5 Marriage Assessments.
  • Members-only Web Site

There is also the option to get either the Lone Ranger Track (customized for people with an uncooperative spouse who are participating ALONE) or the Duo Track (customized for couples doing the program TOGETHER).

Everything is shipped via express mail so you get it in just a few days.

One of our blog readers recently bought the program and made the comment:

“I just started Mort Fertel’s “Lone Ranger” program. After listening to the CDs, he really made sense. It has now been 2 months since d-day I think all the advise to concentrate on myself has been life changing.

Even though our relationship still has a long way to go and she still will not commit to the marriage I know the the emotional affair is over. We have lots of good talks and have been spending quality time together. We have a date for Sunday.

I feel so much better it is hard to describe. I have my moments but focusing on myself and working on just positive thought has made a different. And I accept I can not change her and it will need to come from within her. I need to be patient. She said to me a few days ago that it took over 2 years to get into this situation and I can’t expect everything will be OK in a few weeks. She is right in fact more than right. It is giving me time to work my issues, develop new habits and focus on my priorities.”

Here is a real quick video which shows you some of what’s in the Home Flex program that we received. (Please forgive me for my less than stellar videography! 😉 )


Lots of stuff included that’s for sure.  So go to his website: MarriageMax.com, and sign up for his free newsletter or just sniff around his site for a bit to decide for yourself. We think Mort has a good thing going on here; it should be helpful for a lot of marriages.

Best wishes as always,

Linda & Doug

Fix Your Marriage