It’s here!  We’re very excited today to share with you our first real e-book, which was written specifically with the Emotional Affair Journey community in mind.

The roots of Journey to Trust:  Rebuilding Trust After an Affair literally go back several months ago when we decided it was time that someone created a specific resource to help people rebuild trust after infidelity based on the experiences from someone who has actually done it.

Since that time, we’ve interacted with hundreds of you to learn about what trust related issues you are dealing with.

We quickly realized that Doug and I shared most of the same struggles after his emotional affair, and it also was evident that we have had a lot of success and learned some valuable lessons that would help other couples in the same boat.

You can read more of our story about how we got to this place by going to the information page of the book.

Check Out the Book and a Free Sample

Rather than getting into detail here about the e-book, I’m going to ask that you please click here and go read all about it. If you decide you’d like to purchase it, you can take advantage of a very special introductory price that will only be offered this week.

While you’re there, you can check out the table of contents and a free excerpt from the book to see if it’s something that you think will benefit you.  I think it will!

If you want the Reader’s Digest version of what you’ll find when you click over, here you go:

  • Journey to Trust:  Rebuilding Trust After an Affair will help you understand the level of trust in your relationship, the barriers that exist to trusting again, why trusting yourself is so very important and what your spouse needs to do to help you to rebuild trust.
  • It will give you practical, real-life strategies and exercises based on our own experiences that will help you create an environment that promotes the restoration of trust.
  • It comes with six other awesome trust and affair recovery enhancing bonuses.
  • It’s available at a 50% discount until Friday, June 17th at 11:59 PM EST.
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee with no strings attached so there’s no risk to you.
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Thank You

This book definitely would not have been possible without all of the discussions and feedback we’ve received here on the site, through email, mentoring and on Twitter.  The Emotional Affair Journey community is an awesome bunch of people and we know that if Journey to Trust:  Rebuilding Trust After an Affair gives you even a fraction of the help, hope and encouragement that you’ve provided us over the past year and-a-half, that it will be a huge success.

Thank you for your incredible support!

    6 replies to "Journey to Trust: Rebuilding Trust After an Affair"

    • Roller coaster rider

      I’m really excited for you guys and feel like we are on this journey together. You have both been a tremendous blessing in my life. Thanks for caring about others and doing something positive for marriage!

      • Doug

        Thanks for the kind words RCR. Yes this is an exciting day for us. So far there has been an awesome response and some great feedback. We like to think that we are only a small part of what makes this site a success. People like you who share and offer to help deserve the credit!

    • karen

      Just made my purchase!! Thank you, Doug and Linda, from the bottom of my heart. I know this book will be full of helpful information on the area I’m struggling with the most: trust.
      And even if I am a total fail after reading it, I’ll feel better just knowing I was able to thank you both in some “small” way by purchasing this book as you’ve helped me so much survive since D-Day and gave me the strength to rebuild my marriage after my H’s EA. Many blessings on you and your family.

      • Doug

        Karen, Thank you so much for the kind words. We really do appreciate your support over that last year or so. I think that you will really like the recordings that are included. Linda

    • karen

      Listened to the interview with Dave Carder last night that comes with the purchase of Doug and Linda’s e-book, and that interview was worth the price alone – he is so candid and down to earth. Linda was wonderful in asking the questions. I’m going to listen to it again as I know I missed stuff. Stuff I never thought about and I’m one year past D-day. And dang it, now I need to get that book Torn Asunder that Mr. Carder wrote. If his writing is half as good as his interviews, it will be worth every penney.

      • Doug

        He’s wonderful isn’t he? I loved that interview and his approach to things. Thanks! Linda

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