inside the mind of a mistressLove him or hate him, Dr. Phil has some entertaining and interesting shows at times and he pulls no punches. The other day while searching for content for the Higher Healing area, we ran across the videos below: Inside the Mind of a Mistress Part 1 & Part 2.

The premise of the show is that Dr. Phil sits down with four mistresses and picks their brain while 2 scorned women are backstage watching.  The second video also introduces ex-mistress Sarah Symonds and one of the mistresses’ husband into the conversation.

One mistress was a co-worker with her affair partner. One of the mistresses is paid $2000 per month plus her condo payment each month. One left her husband for her affair partner who wound up not leaving his wife after all (surprise!). The final mistress found her affair partner on one of those ‘looking for affair’ websites. They all portray themselves as victims to some extent.

Check the videos out and as you do, remember what comes to your mind first about these women and let us know in the comment section below.

Inside the Mind of a Mistress Part 1

Inside the Mind of a Mistress Part 2

Again, please let us know your thoughts after watching the videos. Thanks!


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    20 replies to "Inside the Mind of a Mistress"

    • Tryinghard

      I’ve seen the shows and the women where pretty amazing to say the least. What I took away was the coldheartedness of them. They didn’t care about the lives they were wrecking as long as they got what they wanted. The one was nothing but a well paid whore in the truest sense of the word! Dr Phil just didn’t know what to say but I think he was pretty amazed at how cavalier they were too.

      Watching the show just drove home the fact that it is useless to confront these sociopaths. The have no empathy, integrity, or remorse. They have no idea between right and wrong. I think if one ever does confront an OW its best to go in with a huge offense. Asking questions or appealing to their better nature is fruitless. They have no better nature to appeal to.

      I confronted the OW and scared the shit out of her. These women are predators not that our h are innocent victims but these chicks have no conscience.

      Has anyone seen the reality show with Tori Speling? It’s crazy. I like watching it when I iron. She was the OW in her husbands first marriage, now they are married and he’s cheating on her

      • Doug

        What struck me was how the one who was getting paid didn’t feel that she was basically a highly paid call girl/kept woman. She saw nothing wrong with that!

    • Tryinghard

      Hey what happened to the rest of my comment?

      • Doug

        Maybe you should add that statement to the “You Know You’re Old When…” post 😉

        • tryinghard

          You are NOT funny Doug!!! Seriously there was more on my comment but it didn’t post.

    • tryinghard

      I agree! I was flabbergasted. Dr Phil even pointed that out to her and she just shrugged her shoulders. Didn’t she say something about well he was supporting his wife as well why not her? It was weird how she didn’t get the idea that she was essentially being paid for sex. And the hag who was cheating on her husband and was the OW in his previous marriage. HAHA I loved how he was so mad and insulted that she was cheating on HIM!!

      Really priceless and if anything I got was the confirmation that these people are narcissistic sociopaths!! These women were also predators. Not to say oh the poor cheater was defenseless against their advances, hell NO, but these folks definitely have an agenda.

      It’s such an old story that it has become a cliche, bad movie material. These people are Shakespearean tragedies.

      What I don’t get is how cheaters don’t see it. And future cheaters!! When are we going to evolve as a society and just quit doing this sad shit??? From Tiger Woods to John Edwards and beyond. When will people say “Man that turned into a real shit show I’m so not going to do that!”

      I have no sympathy for the OW(plural). I hope they are suffering for all their stupidity. People really do make their own hell.

      • Doug

        I agree with all you say. I guarantee you the one who was getting paid didn’t end her affair. In her mind it was a sweet deal.

    • Lost33years

      Sad facts cheaters are revolting disgusting and have nothing left in their right brain and nothing right in their left . Pros and hoes are those who dropped their ability to live within societies laws either they were never taught character and morals or they consciously chose to disregard their own value and its not $$$$ . Money can buy some things but people are slaves if they sell themselves for sex that’s why they are considered part of the sex trade.

    • Tryinghard

      I don’t know if I would consider affairs as being part of the sex trade. I see that business as very unfortunate and sad children being kidnapped and sold and held hostage in brothels. Affairs are done WILLINGLY.

      What strikes me is the callousness with which these folks view others in the triangle. One of the women seemed like she was suffering emotionally because the MM wouldn’t leave his wife and she was sadly convinced it was the real deal between them. He loved her but the poor dog just couldn’t break from the wife. She bought his lies and she seemed pretty miserable and yet she wouldn’t get out of the relationship. I think Dr Phil offered to help her but I would bet after the show she went right back to her miserable existance. Surely the MM knew she wasn’t happy with the situation. Why wouldn’t he break it off with her? He knew he wasn’t going to leave his wife and yet he just kept her miserably in the shadows. The others were pretty cold and calculated. They just hopped from one affair to the next. It really is quite an implication of the darker side of human nature. One that I don’t get. And I’m glad I don’t get it cause it means I’m not like them. I’m better than them. I like being better than those people. I like it that I’m a person of values and integrity and I don’t get why others don’t want to be the same. These women are kind of like vampires living in the shadows of life.
      Their lack of empathy, remorse, morals and good values is truly scary. We hear and read about these cheaters but when you actually get to witness their live testimonies it truly is spine chilling.

    • AnnaB

      It’s interesting how these women see themselves as victims. I’d like to see a show where Dr Phil speaks to the men who are cheating on their wives. It would give us an insight into why it’s happening and how it can be prevented. Men and women are so different, and seeing as so many people are having affairs it tells me that most of us are lacking in relationship skills. I had read ‘Men Are From Mars…’ years ago and found it hilarious, when I probably should have taken it more seriously. I laughed at the section about giving the woman flowers and compliments to please her, but maybe a lot of men don’t know how to treat their loved ones, and us women don’t know how to treat our men adequately. It shouldn’t be that complicated but unfortunately it seems as though it is. It’s still not an excuse to have an affair, but I guess after a few years of being married people stop trying and don’t communicate enough.

    • Lost33years

      After multiple times of asking my husband what is so appealing about low lifes? He said he always found he could be use them as they used him. I wonder when he truly had to look at himself and his selfdestructive life if he really believed he wasn’t as bad as anyone he chose to lower himself to consider as bad as? He actually insisted he never did anything that was abusive or as bad as I was showing him his own abusive choices to disregard his life my life our unborn baby’s lives I know I didn’t survive cervical cancer stage 4 while pregnant to deal with this garbage. I am living in a marriage that has had my investment embezzled by the most immature cruel selfish actions and without my consent I have had my past my present and my future sprayed by the skank stench of betrayal over and over. I am at the end of three years of my love being slaughtered by denial lies omissions evasions pain that has numbed me to almost everything. After 35 years I have learned I am married to a man who has some very real psychological issues they are part of his whole life. In the last three years I have lost the respect and desire I had for my husband it seemed to be a slow day after day lie after lie my whole life with him has been based on his lying . I don’t believe even the movies could make up so much drama all based on lies.

      • AnnaB

        The common theme with these cheats is selfishness. But to cheat on you, Lost33years, when you were at your most vulnerable is the lowest of the low. I’ve heard of other husbands cheating on their wives when they were pregnant and I think again it comes back to selfishness and possibly narcissism as they need more attention. I can feel your anger, which is my current problem, it is self-destructive but I cannot let go of it and I am receiving counselling to deal with it. I have a feeling it won’t be entirely successful because I actually don’t want to let go of it, it somehow keeps me going, even though it forces the scumbag he was with to stay in my mind. I’ve in,y had two sessions so hopefully something good will come out of the four or five sessions I have left.

    • Strengthrequired

      Well after watching this, it confirms to me that we already know what the ow is like and how they are just dressed up like every body else, yet unless you see them in action, or are at their receiving end do you see them for what they are. We already knew they can be anyone, and they don’t have to look like a certain type.
      None of these mistresses cared about anyone else but themselves, well we knew that too. Don’t you just love it how the one getting paid, doesn’t believe she is being kept to open her legs. As if offended at the thought that she is anything but…. She is sitting pretty, and hinestly why would she give up a lifestyle she has become accustomed to. She would only stop talking to her mm, because she knows he will buy her something else, maybe something bigger than a new car, maybe a house. Lol. So is she declaring her monthly income on her tax? I bet not, great tax free income. Funny how she thinks she is entitled to what the w has. Did you hear her say how she would never spend her own money on the things she has her mm pay for. She called him her lover, yet she isn’t inlove. Funny.
      As for the w, she knows, she’s not stupid.
      Ohh and then there is the mistress that thinks climbing in the back seat of a car is such a romantic classy date. Lol. If that’s where my soul mate wants to have me, then he can have that for himself.
      Then the one that sees her soul mate mm on Fridays, ohhh please, wtf, how she thinks she is something special to her mm is beyond me.
      Ok now for the last one that found her soul mate through a mm dating site. Give me a break. She cheated with her current h, while he was married to his first wife, then surprise surprise, she got bored, felt unloved, blah blah blah, so cheated on him. Now what did her h think, it wasn’t going to come back and bite him in the butt, marrying his ap. now he feels the pain he put his exw through. Karma….
      Now none of these mistresses believed they were doing anything wrong, admitted they didn’t think about the wife or her children, and didn’t even think of their own children. They just out the w at the back of their mind. They all believed they were entitled to being with the mm. The all thought they were something special. One even watching her mm move homes with his wife. Yet nothing sinks in, ohh yes he will leave her.
      What about the excuses given to dr phil, when he tells them all to break free of the mm, at the end of the show. Lol
      I actually hoped to see more of the wives that were confronting these mistresses. I loved their reactions , honestly felt like I was there right next to them.
      I ended up talking to my h about these mistresses, and well what they think (again) as we already know how they think. He said, I don’t get it, how is it the mm don’t see what these ow are like, what they are doing? I looked at him and said, you weren’t any better, you were just as stupid. He looked at me somewhat surprised, because come on he wasn’t that stupid definately not. Lol. I said, don’t you think you were stupid? He ended up admitting, that, yes he was, and if only he knew what he knew now.
      Now did you all notice, how the mistresses, were defending the mm and saying how much they love each other, next breathe they were placing all the blame on the mm and behaving like they were the victim, and were played by the mm.
      Ohhh well, nothing new there.
      Thanks for posting these for us to watch….

      • Strengthrequired

        I was thinking about the mistress that married her ap, she probably thought he was cheating on her, or probably thought it was only a matter of time, so decided to beat him to it.

    • Broken2

      As I have felt all along. Both the cheaters and the OW are selfish pigs with only their own gratifications in mind. BS don’t exist in their minds. So when we ask”were you thinking about us, the kids” the answer is a big fat NO. These people lack a moral compass. They only care about getting their “needs” taken care of and to hell with us and their children. There will always be woman out there ready to pounce just like these sluts but bottom line is, it was our husbands that made the choices they made. I may not be popular with this attitude and I don’t like the OW in our my life but he is 100% responsible for his choices and his behavior. Not her, not me, just him.

      • tryinghard

        I couldn’t agree with you more! I never questioned whether the OW felt guilty, I knew she didn’t. I knew she didn’t give two shits about my kids ( although they are both adults) she worked with one of them. Never phased her to cozy up to him to get info on me and his Dad. Even invited herself to my grandson’s first birthday party, AND SHE CAME know I and my husband would be there and his parents and my sisters!!! She never felt one bit guilty taking the gifts and money and favors, she deserved.

        What I’ve been so curious about is What the hell kind of person does this??? I cannot relate in the least the the nerve she had!! But I’m not desperate. Anyway when I saw this show it answered a lot of questions about people’s character and brought me closer to “getting it”

        Also once I let go of obsessing with thoughts of revenge and put the onus totally back on my H did I really turn the corner to healing. I still hate her and hope every evil thing can happen to her but the responsibility is squarely on his stupid shoulders.

        • Strengthrequired

          Broken2, th, of course the h is 100% responsible for his own actions, so is the ow responsible for the actions she does. Yet the h is the one that made the vows to us, he was responsiblilty to honour his vows and commitment was to us and h children, he was the one that made the very irresponsible and bad choices. The ow, well she just made the choices that much easier, we made those choices that much harder to stick with.

    • PamelaBlue2

      I know this is older post, but as someone who had an emotional affair with a married man, I thought I might offer a few thoughts.

      My AP told me that his wife had physically rejected him for several years and that she made him sleep in the guest bedroom. Also, that she basically always ignored him and took him for granted.

      I believed him because we spent hours and hours chatting on Messenger, texting and phone calls, at all hours of the day or night.

      It was not uncommon for him to text or call me at 2:00 am. Not something he could do from a shared bedroom.

      In retrospect, I see that he manipulated me with those things, even if they were true.

      I never slept with him, although we did meet and kiss. I thought I loved him, and I still have very deep feelings for him.

      He’s dying though, he has leukemia and he’s out of remission. So my recovery is hampered, but it feels like that is a punishment I deserve.

      Even before we broke up, I had started to feel protective towards his wife. He met someone else at MD Anderson and she WOULD sleep with him, do he is doing that now.

      When I found out, I wasn’t mad for my own sake, but I was angry for his wife’s sake.

      But here’s what I know about the guy, he’s always going to do and get what he wants.

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