A very nice honor came our way over the weekend from our friend Cindy Taylor at Affaircare. She was gracious enough to award us with the Sunshine Award. The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world. Very Cool!

We feel honored that we have been able to inspire others with our journey!

As part of receiving the award we are asked to nominate other bloggers who we feel have inspired others. So here is our list of 12 blogs that we feel our inspirational for a variety of reasons and deserving of the Sunshine Award:

The Discomfort Zone

Dr. Michelle Gannon



Simple Marriage

Chris Guillebeau

Infidelity Help

Freak Revolution

Project M

The Hubby Diaries

Marriage Junkie

Saving Your Relationship

These are all great blogs and are worthy of your visiting them.  Enjoy!

Doug & Linda

    5 replies to "Emotional Affair Journey Nominated for Sunshine Award"

    • Pace Smith

      Thank you so much, Doug and Linda. I’m happy our words have touched you.

    • Lori Lowe

      Thank you so much for your blog recommendation. I’m glad my research-oriented marriage tips are inspiring to you. All the best to you both!
      Lori Lowe

    • forex robot

      What a great resource!

    • surprised

      Thank you so much for all the links above & for this website. I have been looking for something talking specifically about emotional affairs but didn’t find anything until last week. I felt like maybe I was blowing things out of proportion by feeling so betrayed by this when it didn’t involve anything physical. My husband thinks I’m crazy for feeling so jealous & hurt. Thank you for all your blogs, discussions, resources, & for just being there to openly share your experiences.

      • admin

        Surprised, Thank you very much for the kind words. Welcome to our blog and we hope you find the resources that will help you heal.

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