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One of the important aspects of affair recovery is having a strong support system. A support system can be made up of trusted friends, family members, clergy, mentor, organized support groups and of course a therapist.

Many of you have stated that you are either in therapy or are considering therapy. Our question today is this…If you could ask a therapist, psychiatrist or infidelity expert anything, what would you ask? Also, if you are not in therapy, or have not yet formed a support system, what’s holding you back?

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    2 replies to "Discussion: What Would You Ask a Therapist?"

    • LisaLearns2

      I would ask a therapist how to deal with not being physically attracted to your spouse. How do you manage to keep those sparks alive in a long term marriage? Also, it seems to me that there is always one person in a marriage who cares more and is more attracted to their spouse.

      • Lynn

        Lisa, If you receive an answer to your question, I’d love to know the answer. My husband had an EA in 2008 and I’m still dealing with the aftermath of his affair. I discovered his affair 1 week before our 38th anniversary and it totally shattered my world .. or the world I thought I had. It’s been almost 3 years since D-Day and I feel I’ve made great progress; but, not in the “attraction” department … too many images in my mind of him and the OW and those images prevent me from moving forward. Thanks for listening and hope you find an answer.

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