Well once again it’s video Saturday. Our open discussion this week was about reactions to finding out about affairs. Today we have a couple of videos from the TV show “Cheaters.” Most of you are probably familiar with this show, and while I admit the pretense of the show is a bit cheesy, and the host Joey Greco is a slime ball, it is interesting (and humorous at times) to see the reactions of those involved when they confront their cheating partners.

It’s quite funny watching the guy who cheated in the first video run around in a laundromat trying to find some pants to put on, while his spouse actually reacts quite calmly. The second video is a little different and shows the reaction of a man who was cheated on by his girlfriend. He was somewhat calm when he was made aware of the affair, but then reacted with rage when he confronted the two of them. Tipping over the port-a-john was priceless! Then afterwards, he was calm again and admitted he could have done better in their relationship. Pay attention to Greco’s update at the end. Any of that sound familiar?

So how would you react?

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