So how long does it take to improve a marriage?  Many of the marriage resources out there seem to subscribe to the theory that you need an hour or more a day – and then some.  But with the busy lives that Doug and I lead, finding an hour a day sometimes seems impossible.

I was recently introduced to the Engaged Marriage website through one of the other blogs I read.  I really like the site as it offers candid and practical advice on marriage that you can learn and put into action without a huge time commitment. The brains behind the site, Dustin Riechmann, has recently released a new e-book called 15-Minute Marriage Makeover.

Since I’m constantly reading books on love and marriage these days, I thought I’d purchase a copy of the book and offer a review.  The first thing you should know though, is that this book is really only appropriate for those of you who want to – and are ready to – strengthen and nurture your marriage.

It’s not a book about repairing torn marriages.  But if you are to the point in your marriage where you and your spouse are trying to move past the affair, improve your marriage and make your relationship a priority, then this is a great book.

If you check out the Engaged Marriage website, you’ll notice one of the main themes is about making time together as a couple a priority. With this book, Dustin expands that theme and gives us ways to apply it to key areas of our relationships – and in just 15-minutes a day.  Who can’t do that?

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The book is broken down into four sections that are very practical and easy to follow:  Communication, Romance, Better Sex & Intimacy, and Control Your Finances. The e-book is workbook style, and is laid out in a way that you can work on bite size chunks, 15-minutes at a time, for 28 days.  Each of the four sections encompasses 7 days, and each day is broken down into a lesson, a task, and some tips for your journey together.  You can do it in order, or jump around to an area that you think could use work.

Here’s what Dustin says you can expect to accomplish together when you experience your 15-Minute Marriage Makeover:

  • Control over your time so you can put your relationship first & keep it there
  • A renewed connection that leaves you both anxious to talk like you did when you were dating
  • A plan for everyday romance that will keep the passion between you strong even when “life” tries to get in the way
  • A deeper, more powerful and more frequent sex life that satisfies you both
  • A plan to work together on your finances so that your money management brings you even closer with excitement for the future

And you’ll accomplish all of this in just 15 minutes per day!

If you and your spouse could spend 15 minutes a day and experience closer connectedness, wouldn’t it be worth it? We think so.  In fact, we liked the book so much that Doug and I are going to work through the book too.

’15-Minute Marriage Makeover’ is nearly 100 pages, includes 5 great bonuses and is only $27. Buy it HERE!

If you do decide to purchase the book through the links in this post, we make a few bucks that can help with the expenses of this site –and we greatly appreciate it!

    2 replies to "Can You Invest 15 Minutes on Your Marriage?"

    • FinallyOutofIt

      This sounded really interesting and seemed more actionable than some of the books I’ve read about. I just bought it so we’ll see how it works…

      • Doug

        Thanks FOI, we appreciate it. I even liked this book, as it is very practical and isn’t all about emotions and feelings and stuff, like many marriage workbooks tend to be. I guess that’s a man thing! I think many wives would find it easier to get their husbands involved with this book more so than some of the others.

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