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after the emotional affair

After the Emotional Affair – The Path to Introspection (Slightly Updated)

  Self-exploration is very painful, but unless you do that, you will never know who you are and who you want to be.— Iris Apfel Many readers have mentioned that their cheating spouses are not doing what is necessary to help them heal from their emotional or physical affair. The cheater is not working on themselves […]

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A Reader’s Final Thoughts on Her Affair Recovery

Some of the best information that lives on this site comes from the various readers who comment on the blog or share information in the Higher Healing forum.  This past week while we were away on vacation, one of our long-time readers (“E”) wrote an inspiring post sharing her story and her thoughts on affair […]

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How to Save Your Marriage

Doug asked me to write an article on how I “won” him back after his emotional affair.  First of all I want the readers to know that the phrase “win back” does not sit well with me. One reason being Doug is not my possession, he is not a thing and to say I won […]

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Survive the Affair

Find the Strength To Survive the Affair

I received an email from someone today that brought me back to a time where I was feeling lost, frustrated and didn’t know where to turn. I wanted to help this women and give her to some insight so she would have the strength to survive the affair and save her marriage. During the time […]

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don't be a doormat when trying to save your marriage

Don’t Be A Doormat When Trying To Save Your Marriage

It has come time that we must leave you.  Just for a week or so that is.  Our daughters have a national dance competition down in Orlando, so we’re going to head down there for a few days then on to parts further south for some serious beach time. While we are gone, we’re going […]

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My ‘Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’ List – Revisted

This week Linda is on Spring break.  Since our kids are not and I work from home, then it is officially my Spring break as well.  Therefore, we are going to be taking some time to spend together (which no doubt will consist of some working around the house) and relax a bit. Today we […]

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Stop an emotional affair

It’s Tough To Stop an Emotional Affair

I am finally convinced that there is little that can be done to stop an emotional affair.  This article details how hard it was for Doug to end his affair and how frustrating to me that was. I recently came to this conclusion after a comment that Doug made a couple of weeks ago about […]

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pink fluffly bathrobe

The Pink Fluffy Bathrobe

When I found out that Doug had fallen out of love with me and found someone else who was “perfect” for him, I set out to clean house on myself.  I definitely took the blame, and thought I needed to make a lot of changes to save my marriage. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking clearly and […]

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after the emotional affair

4 Ways to Empower Yourself After the Emotional Affair

We have been receiving so many comments and emails recently from affair victims who are voicing frustration about their cheating spouse’s affairs, as well as the actual state of their marriages.  When I read the comments I feel frustrated, angry and hopeless, as I remember feeling the exact same way two years ago – not […]

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Video: Meeting the Needs of Your Spouse

Good Saturday! This week we have a nice little video about how men and women have different needs and how they can be met. Not meeting each other’s needs is a major reason for affairs and the breaking up of marriages in general. Check out this video and you might learn a few things about […]

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