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franconia ridge trail

Mount Infidelity – The Toughest Climb You’ll Ever Do

I realize that it’s very cliché to compare the struggles that go along with affair recovery to climbing a mountain, but after our experience on our vacation we discovered that the comparison to be even more appropriate. While in the White Mountains in New Hampshire we set off on a day-hike called the Franconia Ridge Loop […]

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getting over the affair

Getting Over the Affair – Minimizing the Damage of “Loving” the Affair Partner

If you’ve experienced infidelity you certainly realize that getting over the affair is rough – really rough. When the cheater has professed their love for the affair partner, it makes it even worse. One of the toughest things for a betrayed spouse to deal with is the pain that is experienced from the knowledge that […]

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Survey – Healing From Infidelity

Hello everyone! We hope that your week is going well. Instead of our normal discussion today, we wanted to conduct another quick, 1 question survey. Regardless of how far out you are from discovering your partner’s affair, the ultimate goal is healing and recovery. Basically, getting over the affair and allowing yourself to move on. […]

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